Giuliana Rancic Faces End Of Maternity Leave: “It’s Hard”

After three months of a blissful maternity leave with her newborn son Duke, E! News host Giuliana Rancic is returning to work.

“I could give you the Hollywood answer and just say it’s been great going back to work,” she tells Life & Style. “But the real answer is, it’s hard. What’s important now is different from what was important a few months ago.”

“The other morning, I was having the best time with Duke, and he was making faces that I had never seen before, and he was being so cute. Then I looked at the clock and I had to go to work,” the new mom, 37, adds. “So I keep thinking, am I going to miss something?”

To help calm her nerves, doting hubby Bill Rancic regularly sends smartphone videos of their son throughout the day. “It’s one thing to look at pictures,” she says. “But when I see video, I feel like I’m with him.”

Bill, 41, says he’s never seen this side of Giuliana before. “It’s remarkable to see how the baby has changed her,” he shares. “Just the devotion the little guy evoked and the motherly instincts that kicked in.”

But the self-professed workaholic says she’ll work hard at balancing work and family life.

“I’ll make it work,” she says. “I’m going to make sure I don’t sacrifice anything.”

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Photo credit: Life & Style

  • Anonymous

    If it’s so hard for her then she shouldn’t go back to work. It’s not like they need her salary to survive.

  • Anonymous

    Wait. Wait? When did she take 3 months *OFF*???

  • Evie

    I am sorry, this woman needs to eat a sammich, she looks like a weird bobble head. Which of course doesn’t say anything about her abilities as a mother…I bet she is a good mother. EAT SOMETHING

  • judi

    Yeah, now that is a really f*cking drama…

  • Anonymous

    When did she take time off only a week or two after bring home her son she did a red carpet and after that she was on fashion police, so when was it that she took time off?

  • Anne

    I’m sorry, but a couple weeks after the baby was born she was on HSN hawking her new clothing line. She’s been working throughout her “maternity leave”. it’s not like she’s been chained to a recliner breastfeeding her baby. She has a baby nurse and that baby is probably already signed up for frequent flier miles. I do not understand these women who do not need to work, but do so to stay “relevant” in pop culture.

  • A. Smyth

    Can someone please explain to me who the hell she is and why she is famous? GET HER OFF THE INTERNETS.

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