Hilary Duff’s Little Crawler

Actress Hilary Duff took her son Luca to their Mommy & Me baby class held in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Wednesday (December 12). Looks like the adorable 8-month old is having a great time crawling around meeting new friends!

Later in the day the Lizzie McGuire star took her little guy shopping in West Hollywood, Calif. They had to pause for a moment before getting out of the vehicle while Luca shed a tear. What a little cutie!

The new mom – who has squeezed back into her size 26 jeans after a little hard work and dedication – has gotten used to packing everything she needs for her baby before heading out, but what about when she’s flying solo?

“Now that I carry a diaper bag I have no idea what to put in my purse to fill it up when I’m alone! I learned to need so little,” the 25-year old tweeted.

The Come Clean singer is married to former NHL player Mike Comrie.

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  1. Lila

    I feel that paparazzi taking photos of Luca and other babies/mommies in the class has crossed the line.

    I don’t think its ok but i get paparazzi taking pics when their in the street but a mommy and me class isn’t open for the public to waltz in and take pics we there standing outside or not.

    Paparazzi don’t go to children’s schools and take invasive pics of them so this shouldn’t be allowed to happen.

  2. Ali_spain

    I like the pic of Luca crawling, but i think it’s too much, come on! the baby is playing, let them be! I really love pics of Hil and his baby, but she shares a lot of them by twitter and instagram, maybe to avoid facts like this.

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