Jenifer Lopez’s Daughter Emme Is A Gucci Girl

Singing sensation Jennifer Lopez and her 4-year-old daughter Emme were snapped arriving at their hotel in Sydney, Australia on Thursday (December 13).

Little Emme was seen carrying a cute Gucci handbag complete with – in true 4-year-old fashion – her stuffed animal peeking out.

Jennifer recently opened up Elle Canada to about raising her two children.

”I hope I’m teaching them about life by example,” she says. “Like that with hard work you can accomplish anything; you have to be charitable; that you have to treat people the way you want them to treat you. You can tell kids things until you’re blue in the face, like, ‘Don’t drink!’ But if you drink all day, they’re going to probably wind up drinking. They will pick up on that. I just try to be a good mom and set a good example.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • celine

    sad spoiled brat.

    • NYC Mommy

      why would you think that? she seems like a very sweet little girl. Never see pictures of her acting bratty. She cant help that her mother can afford an expensive Gucci bag (which I am willing to bet was a comp anyway).

      • celine

        Even if you can afford it, it doesn’t mean you have to give your 4 year old a gucci bag.
        I don’t criticize her for HAVING money, but for spoiling the kid. There are other celebrity parents who don’t spoil their children like that, like the Garner-Afflecks, for example. They have a much healthier lifestyle, the kids seem humble and happy, they seem just normal..
        Seeing a 4 year old with a gucci bag is just not normal, I personally don’t approve this kind of use of money. Just my opinion.

        • NYC Mommy

          On the other hand Max had on a shirt from Target the other day. I just dont think child should be called spoiled brat due to the bag she is carrying. She is 4 and has not control over what she is given. I am quite sure she wasnt walking around begging for a Gucci bag.

        • Anonymous

          Spoiled? Maybe.

          Brat? There’s no way you could know that.

          This kid is going to have the best of everything in life. That doesn’t make her a brat, but your comments do make you rude.

    • Danielle

      Well, clearly you dont know that celebrities and their kids get them as “presents”. Max and Emme did a campaign for Gucci as I can remember and big chance that after working with them they keep on receiving gifts. And I am talking from my own experiences 😉

  • Zar55

    I don’t believe that Emme actually knows what Gucci is 😀

  • Anna

    I think those shorts are way too short for a little girl. Love the bag though.

    • Anon

      Then don’t put your kid in them.

  • Elektra

    It’s bad enough when kids bash other kids but when grown-ups do it that is beyond disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      The voice of reason!

  • RV23

    It could be her mothers bag and the kid wanted to carry it. Someone as famous and papped as her mother would most likely have been giving that bag for free.

  • A. Smyth

    Let her wear Gucci. She’s not very pretty, so she’s going to have an entire life of wearing designer goods to make herself look better. Why not start now?

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