Tori Spelling’s Son: “The Nutcracker”

According to mom Tori Spelling, her 5-year-old son Liam is on the “naughty list” for giving Santa a “knuckle sandwich to the family jewels.”

“Last weekend the McDermott clan headed to a Christmas tree farm, and while we were there I happened to snap this picture of Liam punching an inflatable Santa in the nuts!,” the funny mama wrote on

She added: “Now we were there to cut down our very own Christmas tree, but it seems that Liam had his own agenda.”

The mom-of-four ended her blog post, titled “The Nutcracker,” with a question to her fans,

“What do you think was going through Liam’s mind as he gives Santa a knuckle sandwich to the family jewels?”

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  • D

    What in the world is Liam doing?

  • Bink

    Liam is cute now, but later this kind of mommy attention translates to brat.

  • Sarah

    This isn’t “cute”! It’s just plain immature and stupid!

  • Anonymous

    Tori thinks everything Liam does is cute and funny when it isn’t she really needs to put her foot down on how he acts and the words he uses she even thinks it’s funny when he used the word Bitch a while back! At least I’ve seen Dean put his foot down when the kids say words their not suppose to be saying or doing things their not suppose to be doing!

  • Tiffany

    Yep. Of course he’s punching Santa in the crotch. The creep factor on this kid is off the charts.

  • anonymous

    the mother is disturbed

  • anonymous

    Liam is a brat. His behavior his inappropriate and disrespectful. The fact that tori finds it funny just proves what a terrible mother she is. I agree with Anonymous 12/14, Tori is disturbed!

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