Chelsea Houska & Aubree: Grove Girls

Teen Mom 2 reality television star Chelsea Houska was snapped strolling around The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. with her 3-year-old daughter Aubree on Thursday (December 13).

The mama-of-one recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her daughter, critics who say the show glamorizes teen pregnancy and her best advice for sexually active teens.

“I feel like a lot of the time people who criticize Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 haven’t ever even watched the show,” she says. “I don’t understand how someone who has seen the show and watched us all have struggles and has seen us all cry would think that it looks glamorous. I personally don’t find poopy diapers, bad relationships, and school struggles glamorous at all!”

“I’ve really learned a lot about what’s important in life,” she adds. “I don’t stress about the small stuff and I’ve learned to appreciate the good things a lot more than I used to.

“I think abstinence is great, but realistically, teens are going to have sex so it’s best for them to be educated on safe sex,” Chelsea continues. “I do think girls should be educated more on the different forms of birth control and that there are many different options besides the pill that might be a better choice for them.”

Continue reading more of Chelsea’s interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop here.

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Jessica

    I love that the cast and crew defend this show so much and say how it helps… Well explain this to me, why is half the cast of this mess pregnant AGAIN!

    • amy

      I get what you’re trying to say, but facts surrounding the show prove that it IS doing more bad than good. Yes, you have your girls that just can’t grow up and refuse to learn (Amber, Jenelle). But the % of teenage pregnancies has gone DOWN since the start of this show. The amount of girls on this show that have gotten their high school diplomas or GED’s is WELL above the national average (If I remember correctly, at least 70% of the girls) for teen moms.

      The issue that I have with the show is that they’ve continued to have Jenelle/Amber on it despite their problems. In my opinion – they should’ve cut them off at the first sign of trouble. I’m not saying they couldn’t have offered counseling or something – but paying them thousands of dollars and shipping them off to ocean front rehabs, isn’t helping their addictions and problems. The rest of the girls from Teen Mom? They seem pretty normal to me.

  • HDP

    “why is half the cast of this mess pregnant AGAIN!”

    They’re not. The only one from Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2 who is having another baby is Leah Messer – and she is married, co-parenting sucessfully with her twins’ father, and both her and her husband have jobs.

    I have watched both shows, and what Chelsea says in this interview is right – if a teenage girl is watching the show she will see how difficult and unglamorous being a teenage mother can be.

    As she said – you probably haven’t seen the show, so your opinion is moot.

    • SMH

      Several from 16 & Pregnant have gotten pregnant again. Not the one’s on Teen Mom. Maybe that’s what the person meant.

  • Lila

    Good grief she is orange!! Someone needs to tell her her makeup is terrrrrrrible!

    Cant believe she wants to go to beauty school, there is no way id let an orange oomph loompa d my makeup!

    • Jessica

      I watch the show every week. 16 & pregnant cast almost half of them are pregnant again. This show doesn’t show how hard it is to parent. Are YOU even watching?? All these do girls is complain about boyfriend drama which every girl has. They complain about money in which all the viewers know they make good money off the show. Statistics may be on decline but I highly doubt it’s cuz of this show.

  • AnnieMouse

    First and only thing I saw in this photo was ORANGE!!!!! Wow, she could really use a make up over haul! Yikes!!

    • A

      If you can’t say something nice, then maybe you should not say whats on your mind. Can’t we be nice to one another? who cares about her make up. If SHE’S happy with it, well that’s all that matters. why do you care?!?

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