Tori Spelling & Family Find The Perfect Christmas Tree

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott took their entire brood – Liam, 5, Stella, 4, Hattie, 1, and Finn, 3 months – to pick out the perfect Christmas tree at a local farm. The mom-of-four shares photos from their fun holiday adventure via

“Last weekend we set out as a family to find the perfect Christmas tree,” Tori writes. “We headed to the Santa Paula Christmas Tree Farm, where we’d be able to choose our perfect tree and cut it down ourselves. I love getting the kids involved in activities like this… it’s so special for us to be able to share these moments as a family, and then share the photos with you!”

It sounds like just getting to the tree was a fun adventure.

“To get to the actual tree farm we had to take a  train ride (where they sang Christmas caroles the whole way!). Arriving at the train station we see the beautiful vintage-y holiday décor,” she shares.

Along with some camel and horse rides, the Spelling-McDermotts appeared to have a jolly good time.

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  1. Rosy

    I don’t care what all the Tori haters have to say, I really like this family, they seem really down to earth.

    • Rose

      Not everyone who has a problem with Tori is a hater. I used to like her at one point. And now I just feel sad for her children that they don’t have any privacy. She needs to stop exploiting every moment of their lives for money.

  2. Jennifer

    I think Tori and her family are amazing! My family and theirs could totally be friends 🙂 She seems really sweet and down to earth, I don’t think she is explointing her life for money I think she likes to share with people that her and her family are just as normal as you and I.

  3. keran

    What happened to Dean? He looks way older than he really is. The grass really isn’t all that greener on the other side is it now.

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