Kristen Bell: “I Weigh Around 367 Pounds”

Mom-to-be Kristen Bell cracked a joke at her own expense this week, saying that she’s tracking her pregnancy progress by the scale rather than the calendar.

“I am currently quite a bit overweight,” the funny star told CBS Detroit’s Stoney and Bill on Wednesday. “I’m about 367 pounds. I’m not sure how far that is in months, but in pounds, that’s where I’m weighing in.”

The baby on the way will be the first for Kristen, 32, and her fiance, Parenthood star Dax Shepard. Friends of the soon-to-be parents gush that they are a perfect match.

“They are the cutest couple. They are so in love and completely committed to each other, no question,” a source tells US. “One of those relationships you’re jealous of.”

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  • Ano

    As if.

    • Anonymous

      You should learn to take a joke.

      • Anonymous

        The thing about jokes is they’re less funny the further from reality they are. She’s obviously still very thin so saying she weighs 367lbs isn’t that funny since it’s obviously not true.

  • Courtney

    @ano my thoughts exactly if she did weigh that she’d be morbidly obese and at a high risk of premature birth

    • Rosemary

      I think Kristen was just joking around…. maybe she might feel like she weighs that much but she didn’t literally men she weighed that much

  • anonymous

    I get what she is saying…. I love her…she is so funny.

  • a

    My god, it’s as if no one here has ever heard of humor or irony.

  • HDP

    I think it’s great that she has a sense of humor about it – even through the absolute joy pregnancy can be, it can be depressing looking at yourself and seeing a much plumper puffier version of yourself.
    My advice to her – as soon as your little one gets here, breastfeed breastfeed breastfeed & gently paced walks with her baba in a sling/carrier.

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