Hilary Duff: Luca Is Into Everything

Hilary Duff was recently on Access Hollywood Live when she gushed over 9-month-old Luca while promoting her book A Letter To My Dog: Notes To Our Best Friends.

She said that Luca is “into everything. I’m running around the house just trying to keep up with him. He’s so fast . . . He’s loves the Christmas tree, we have a funny looking Christmas tree.”

On her holiday plans she revealed, “We always drive down to Newport where Mike’s family is…and it’s nine kids going crazy, toys everywhere and mayhem so we’re really looking forward to that. And we get to bring a baby this year.”

Asked about expanding the family Duff shared, “Mike and I are literally so obsessed with Luca. He’s perfect! We should just be one and done. But I think once your kid starts getting older you miss that baby phase and you go in for round two. Maybe when he’s two…three?”

On the topic of getting back into her skinny jeans – the actress said, “I am worried because everyone wants their body back. It’s all in time, you know? It took nine months to get there, so hopefully it won’t take that long to get it off. But I’m doing it slowly.”

US Weekly reports she also mentioned her sex life.

“It’s definitely different. I’m so exhausted at the end of each day, so I’m like, ‘Can this not happen at night when I’m exhausted? You find different times to do it.”

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  1. Anonymous

    I’d like to know who supports these people when neither one of them works.

    • Ashley

      Hey to be fair you don’t actually know neither of them works.
      Just because he’s retired from hockey and she hasn’t done tv/movie recently (was pregnant, raising baby) doesn’t mean they don’t have jobs and arent working on projects.

      The article says she promoting a new book.

      Read this article about her upcoming projects http://www.celebuzz.com/2012-08-13/hilary-duff-readies-return-to-tv-with-20th-century-fox-deal/

      Besides forbes says hilary’s net worth is 25 million, from all her previous acting, music, books, perfume, clothing lines. Thats by far enough to live on and Mike will no doubt have his own money

    • Char

      Are you their neighbor or a pap following them? How do you know they don’t work? Hilary has a new book out soon btw.

      Girl has worked since 8. They support themselves though he has family money too. If you are the type who spends all your salary and never saves, then you would not understand and that is your problem! Don’t see why you have problems with her enjoying her baby(for a year or so!).

      Fixed, “fyi, http://www.lifeandstylemag.com/entertainment/news/hilary-duffs-18k-christmas-gift-sister-haylie-duff-exclusive Don’t think she has to worry for money (ever!) so why work 24/7? She isn’t a Tcruise who needs press attention and action films to feel better. Beauty is she was a perfect child star, saved money, made millions, worked for decade+ and never has to work and can do one project or movie a year just to work on what she likes but not because she needs to! She is writing her 3rd book and working on developing a show and focused on new mommyhood – geesh a gal in Hollywood with priorities right! oh noes. 95%Hockey players career ends in 30’s so it is the norm.”
      What a condescending uneducated Anon. I wonder if all 4 posts are same person.

  2. Lila

    Hilary when your child is as cute as Luca, you have to have more than just one! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I don’t think he’s so cute. He has a huge forehead and is very pale looking. Just average looking. Just my opinion.

  4. Anonymous

    I googled both of them and he hasn’t worked in 2 years. She, on the other hand, signed on to making an album. So essentially she hooked up with a has been ex hockey player who’s riding her coattails. I give this marriage another two years at best. Ironically she’s penning a non fiction book dealing with children of divorce. Her son will probably need to read it.

    • Mel

      Wow. IDIOT alert. Are you the creepy @generalduff who tweets at her stalking and harassing her, threatening to hurt her and her child? or @johnalnicholas WHO HARRASES OTHERS ON TWITTER and tags Hilary on twitter? 1) Hilary has said on PIERS MORGAN she is NOT writing a book on divorce as she and her father have made up. 2) They married because they are in love and with no scandals for over 5 years their marriage seems solid. 3) HE IS RICH AS HELL. His father/inheritance is 500 Billion sources are he got a third of it. 4) Hilary is NOT signed to do an album with anyone or ANYWHERE. She is coming out with a book next year completing her trilogy on scifi rom books. She also has signed on to do a show for FOX. That’s plenty busy, creep!

    • Ashley

      This may be hard to believe but google does not have all the answers in the world.

      Sure he is retired and isn’t in the public eye but for all you know he may have a job, it could have nothing to o with hollywood or sport. He was never seriously famous to begin with so it makes sense his private life isn’t public knowledge.

      • Foshur

        ^^He has a family business he probably has joined. His brother is one of the heads of it and it is a big company but I agree he isn’t the celeb and if he goes to an office building every day it’s not in blogs. Though it looks like Anonymous is making stuff up and making sense and reality is hard to understand for him. If they googled, they wouldn’t have gotten those false assumptions.

        Wow Anon sounds like he/she needs psychiatric medication. ha. Did you mean to say google or make stuff up? She has a record deal oops no she doesn’t. Zero on google. You wishing a divorce? You know she said she wants more kids with him and can’t wait? Your delusional mind should deal with the next big news as more kids for Hilary and Mike.

  5. Grace

    Wow does it make you feel big inside when you post negative comments about a baby?

  6. Mar

    All negative comments by one anonymous. Some attention grabbing weirdo.

    Ummmmmm CBB, be careful, US weekly took a previous AH interview about the “sex” it’s not recent , when the baby was like 2 months and I am 100 percent sure they knew that but just wanted to write an article on her. lol love that she wasn’t tmi. love her. USW MEEhhh. ……What using google really looks like!

  7. laura

    I don’t understand people who blame superstars or celebrities just because they are rich and can live without working. I mean, we know it’s like that. Hilary worked as a teenager and now she’s using that money. At least they seem decent people who have their family’s interest at heart and always act politely towards others..

    • PamInPA

      Exactly! I also can’t figure out why they rag on the less-famous of a couple. So what if her husband retired from hockey at 30? Why isn’t it possible that he just loves HER regardless of the fact that she’s a bigger celebrity? Must a celebrity ALWAYS marry a celebrity?

  8. Zar55

    Mike Comrie’s family has company, The Brick Ltd. is one of Canada’s largest volume retailers of furniture, mattresses, appliances and home electronics. :)))) He is rich so is she :DDD here’s the mistery 😛

  9. Lizzie

    They both have millions so they support themselves. Mike can’t play hockey anymore so is he suppose to coach, sell furniture, or do something he doesn’t want to, to keep strangers off his back? I think if you were super rich, you wouldn’t want to have a job. Unless you LOVE what you do.

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