Gwen Stefani: Motherhood Is Not What You Think It’s Going To Be

Rockstar mama Gwen Stefani poses for Annie Leibovitz on January 2013’s cover of Vogue. The No Doubt frontwoman opens up about being mom to sons Kingston, 6, and Zuma, 4, and her husband Gavin Rossdale.

On motherhood: “It’s superfun being a mom, but it’s not what you think it’s going to be. And it’s really gradual. At first, your life is totally the same. You have this cute little thing that you get to drive around everywhere and you’re so proud and it’s amazing. And as they grow older, it really does start to change your life. Like, Oh, my God, they have school, they have to get through first grade, they have to learn to read.”

On her hectic lifestyle: “I did my first solo record and went on tour while I was pregnant. I would want to throw up during certain songs. Certain outfits would make me sick. It was torture. I toured until I was four and a half months pregnant, showing. I came home and had Kingston, and when he was eight months old, I went back on the road. I nursed him for fourteen months, so I would literally do my hair and makeup, go back to the bus, nurse him, put him down, and walk out onstage. And I did that for 100 shows.”

On ‘having it all’ worries: “Getting to the studio and not being able to make it happen, but missing out on being at home, missing out on putting the kids down. What’s more important? I felt so guilty. I am letting everyone down in the studio right now; I’m letting down my kids; I’m letting down myself. Because time was so precious. So I didn’t know what the album’s tone would end up being in that kind of state, but it’s really upbeat considering.”

Being with Gavin for 16 years: “It’s pride. You feel proud. There are just so many rewards that come with it. You have to work at it. But, actually, it’s fun to get to this point. Because you learn so much about somebody. It’s like these wars that go on and then you kind of get through it to the other side, and it’s like, Wow. And obviously, you get stronger. And then having kids takes the whole relationship to another place. It is the ultimate collaboration. Both of us have such strong opinions about how it should be, and it’s really fun to do it together.”

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  1. Anonymous

    They have “tolearn” to read. And you, CBS. have to learn to write!

  2. what?

    Is it just me or did they photoshop her head? It looks wierd.

  3. Angela

    i don’t like the magazine cover with that font going behind her head. it makes her head look short and like she’s not wearing a hat…just looks awkward. she looks amazing though 🙂

  4. Anabelle

    This is one woman who should never have become a mother. I used to like her but now, every interview I read or watch is about her kids and how she just doesn’t know what to do or what they want. It’s depressing.

  5. Annie

    “At first, your life is totally the same” ????? “You have this cute little thing that you get to drive around everywhere” ??!! Who are you kidding gwen? Certainly not any women who doesn’t have a nanny.

    These celebrities just don’t understand why they come across as so pretentious, it’s ridiculous.

  6. hillary

    I feel the same way! When they are babies you still get to do more “mommy” type things and push them in the stroller…Then they go to school and your day really focuses around their schedule. I get what she’s saying. When they get to be school aged you have a whole new set of things to teach them- like reading etc. It is a different level the older they get!! Mine are 3 and 5.

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