Katie Holmes & Suri: Theater Duo

Katie Holmes was seen with Suri at the Music Box Theater on Saturday (December 15). Suri – wearing a pink jacket – covered her face from the flashing lights as they were leaving. The 6-year-old also brought a friend to the Dead Accounts performance.

Katie was all smiles when greeted by fans outside the theater.

According to The Sun – the actress bought Suri a $24,,000 Victorian playhouse from Sweet Retreat Kids. It also comes complete with running water and electricity.

Suri is also said to be getting an iPad mini and a a children’s version of a Mercedes-Benz car worth almost $10,000.

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Photo credit: INFPhoto.com

  • Pippa

    In pictures 4 and 5, Suri’s stuffed animal is wearing a polka dot dress that Suri wore in Paris when she was about 16 months old. It was a trip that Katie and Suri took for a day or so, while Tom was filming Valkylrie in Berlin. I think that’s pretty cute! I guarantee that Suri wanted to wear the dress herself but her mom had to convince her it was too small but that her stuffed animal could wear it. (We always see Suri in old clothes she used to wear that are way too small). instyle.com/instyle/package/general/photos/0,,20190744_20193012_20441807,00.html

    • Anonymous

      You. Are. Scary.

      • Pippa

        You. Are. Judgemental.

        I was just repeating/plaguerizing what I had read from some other stupid blog. I thot it was cute that she still had the dress, that’s all. But really, why do you care? Relax. You’re also reading a “Celebrity Baby Blog” . . . people in glass houses . . .

    • Ali_spain

      I also realised that, because I use to love baby Suri outfits. I don’t think I’m creepy or whatever

  • Dj

    I like Katie, but those polka dot pants, oh my!!!!!!!! lol

  • Dj

    And wow Pippa, keeping inventory of Suri’s wardrobe from when she was 16 months old?? That’s intense.

  • Elektra

    I think Suri is always dressed to the nines but rarely looks happy. So sad for her. Paps are not gonna go away and someone should probably help her deal with their presence. (Hands on this but that is my opinion)

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