Romeo Beckham’s Modeling Debut For Burberry

That’s a posh blue steel!

At the tender age of 10, David and Victoria Beckham‘s son Romeo landed his first modeling gig with Burberry. Following in his stylish mom and dad’s footsteps, the beautiful boy is featured in the Spring/Summer 2013 campaign.

Looking dapper in a Burberry trench coat, Romeo is all smiles playfully toting an umbrella in the photo shoot.

“This season’s campaign lights up with the infectious energy of an amazing young cast of old and new Burberry family,” Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer, states. “Cara [Delevingne], Edie [Campbell], Charlotte [Wiggins], Charlie [France] and Alex [Dunstan] are joined by Max [Rendell] and Romeo, who was a joy to work with and really stole the show.”

Posh and Becks are also parents to sons Brooklyn, 13, and Cruz, 7 and 1-year-old daughter Harper.

In a 2010 interview, Victoria talked about Romeo’s flair for fashion.

“I mean, you’ve got Brooklyn, who is a real boy. He’s turning into a teenager. It takes him quite some time to do his hair in the morning before he goes to school,” she said. “Then we got Romeo, who loves fashion. He likes to go out in a suit with a bowler hat . . . and he’s a real fashion lover. And then Cruz just wants to break dance every opportunity he gets.”

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Photo credit: Burberry/Testino

  • Sally Ann

    Romeo’s name definitely fits him, as he has a flair for fashion & had always chosen it over athletics. But I find the picture of him a bit odd. The size of his head and angle of it looks like it is is photoshopped onto his body. He just seems a bit awkward, which is not always true of Romeo. He has been always been a carbon copy of his mother, but in this picture he seems to have not yet grown into his permanent adult teeth. 10 is on th cusp of heading into the awkward tween years. Burberry will have a field day with him in 3-5 years, I think. Side note: I think Miss Harper Seven looks a lot like big brother Brooklyn Joseph, minus the dark hair she inherited from Victoria.

  • Nina D.

    Oh, my God! That is too cute! He is such a handsome boy. He’s gonna be so good looking when he grows up. The ladies are gonna love him. 😉

  • Alyson

    I agree with Sally. The first pic looks like they photo-shoped his head in. He is a handsome lad. He and his brothers all have their own look, but I think he got the cutiest genes in the fam. 🙂

  • Ano

    I don’t want to be rude but he dosen’t look like af model.

  • Anonymous

    When Cindy Crawford’s daughter did one modeling gig, the ‘women’ here went nuts. How come no such condemnation about this child modeling?

    • Missy

      Because people judge by appearances. the Beckham are a good looking family but that is it. Romeo, as cute as he is, is going to get tired eventually.

    • Anonymous9

      I think the context was completely different. The Crawford pictures sexualized a child, these do not. One seems creepy, the other seems like innocent fun.

      • PamInPA

        Sexualized her? Why, because she was wearing a mini-skirt (or shorts.. I can’t remember)?

  • Anonymous

    He is too cute.

  • Anna

    bad teeth for a bunch of zillionairs

    • Anon

      gaps aren’t ‘bad teeth’ and I’m sure he’ll have it straightened when he’s a bit older, he’s only a kid.

    • Zar55

      He is a kid, probably not old enough to wear braces and its looks cute like that or would you love to see a 10 year old with perfect hollywood smile hahaha chill

  • Sam

    I wonder if this will affect is popularity at school?

  • Anny

    First picture looks like those jib jab thing’s. not such a great pic. Others are okay too.

  • Dj

    He’s certainly adorable and if he’s happy modeling, then good for him! But honestly, I can think of many other things that I’d prefer my son or daughter to do, as opposed to ‘modeling’. Our society is already so fixated on appearance…

  • v-girl

    The picture is odd. His head looks too big or photoshopped and that pose is weird. His mother could learn how to smile from this kid.

  • v-girl

    He looks like a dog lifting his leg to…….

  • Lana

    What a nice British lad!

  • Louise

    Why on earth would you have your son modeling if you don’t even need the money?

    And besides this family already has so much, why do they alwas need more? More fame, more exposure, more opportunities.

  • gaby

    he looks awkward.

  • Nicole

    He’s cute!And i remember Victoria said Romeo loves fashion !

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