Sarah Jessica Parker: Tears To School

Sarah Jessica Parker had her hands full this morning (December 17) when she and the nanny took 3-year-old twins Tabitha and Loretta to school. Tabitha (purple coat) was crying the whole way.

Mom did comfort her but she still looked weepy while Loretta looked on from her stroller.

It’s been almost a decade since Sex and the City wrapped.

In an interview this past September the actress said, “The fashion was exciting. But what was unique and special was that the language was so new — and I don’t mean the salty, ribald, provocative stuff. A woman like Carrie was unlikable to many people in terms of how she spent her time, how she spent her money, her personal choices about children and marriage and affairs. But there was a human-ness to her that people connected to.”


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  • Jessica

    Should you show pictures of a child in distress?? Come on, have some respect and draw the line somewhere.

  • maryf

    Above post is right. How would you like a bunch of paps in your face when you’re upset.

  • Annie

    Strangely, I always feel bad for the nanny. Usually they spend more time with the kids than the mom, and know what’s wrong, or if it’s a tantrum versus a real need. But when the mom’s around, you have to shut up and make her believe she knows best and has the authority over the situation. It’s a tricky job that deserves more respect.

    • PamInPA

      Wow. Way to use your very limited, miniscule experience to figure out what’s going on here!

      • D.K

        You wished you’d thought of it, grandma!

      • Kasey1

        Wow, way to use your very limited, miniscule experience to make an ignorant comment.

    • Lisey

      I was a professional nanny for many years and I always get nice vibes watching SJP with her nanny. It’s a complicated relationship, and no matter what the pay, we don’t tend to stay with families who treat us poorly.

  • Anonymous

    Why bother showing photos like this? Not really a pleasant experience for anyone.

  • AJ

    Did you seriously pay money for these photos? I’m not sure who would want to see a kid in distress, but okay..

  • Laura

    You should be ashamed of you for publishing this picture!!! Are all of you heartless? Don’t you feel pain seeing this litte girl crying? I am sory but you should not publish pictures like this, this little girl seems sad, and you don’t care, all you want is to make profit. There are lot of pictures of these people when they are only going to school, walking, enjoying their family time or shopping, no need to publish that too.
    Some respect for these kids who don’t choose to have their picture taken at any moment…!!

  • laura

    How cute are these girls.. Sometimes it looks like they are in their own world! Look at how cute is Loretta looking at her distressed twin..

  • Anonymous

    Settle down everyone. She’s crying; she’ll be okay.

    • me

      It’s fine that she’s crying, that’s life. The problem is that these two girls have not had one moment that hasn’t been photographed. Hell, the their surrogate’s privacy was being invaded before they were even born. The child should be allowed to have a tantrum or crying fit like any other two year old without the world seeing it.

      • Anonymous

        If they weren’t being photographed then this website would not exist for us to waste our time on. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Kim

    The kids are probably crying because they are cold! Their heads and hands are bare, but guess whose aren’t??

    • Anon


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