Beverley Mitchell: I’m Having A Girl!

Beverley Mitchell is thinking pink!

The former 7th Heaven star shared the big news in her first blog post for today, writing, “So you may or may not be wondering what this little bundle of joy is … BOY or GIRL? Hmm… should I tell you? Well if you twist my arm, we are thrilled to be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into our family! And yes, she has already stolen my husband’s heart. He proudly shares the picture of our 4D ultrasound.”

With the baby, the first for Beverley and her husband Michael, due in April, the actress says that she is still amazed by all of the changes that pregnancy has brought with it so far.

“I mean, hormones — forget about it! Sometimes I am just so baffled by myself that I feel like I’m having an out-of-body experience watching a crazy woman. Good news is, I usually settle back in pretty quickly. But I definitely have some epic moments and Michael is a saint for letting me have them,” admits the mom-to-be, adding, “I am also in awe of the body transformation. I have always been incredibly in tune with myself, but watching it truly transform and change shape has been unsettling at times. (I never knew I was vain until I watched the numbers on the scale steadily rise … I am slowly getting over this.)”

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  • Brittany

    she should name the baby Savannah LOL I am just saying it would be a really cute idea

  • KA

    Aw I remember watching her on 7th Heaven. She was adorable then and hasn’t aged now. Congrats to them!!

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