Get the Look: Rachel Riley

Seraphina wears a Rachel Riley Heart Intarsia Cardigan – $199

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  • Anne

    It’s just so hard to believe how much she spends for all of them to look so hodge podge.

  • Shea

    I couldn’t agree more! She dresses them like they’re so “normal,” but holy CRAP! A $200 little cardigan that looks like it come from J.C. Penney anyway!? No thanks.
    When I saw this pic I thought the kids looked like little bag ladies. I mean maybe she let’s them pick their clothes, but still. I hope that cardigan was a gift from the company or something.

  • Zar55

    It’s ok that she is trying to show her girls that what they wear isn’t the most important thing, BUT one thing is looking NORMAL and totally other thing is to look like homeless people like they look in this picture!!
    Kids just look awful in this pic, i would be ashamed if i take my kids out looking like this -.-

  • Barbara

    I know, if she’s going to spend the money, at least put some effort into it.

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