Snooki Talks Lorenzo’s First Christmas

What does new mom Snooki want for Christmas? The reality star tells E! that the only thing on her wish list this year is time spent with her baby boy Lorenzo.

As for what little Enzo will find under the tree, the 25-year-old mom says that she’s trying hard not to spoil him: “I got advice from other moms—don’t go too crazy with the gifts, because he really doesn’t know what’s going on. He’s only three months old. I got him a few toys, but I did get him a lot of Christmas outfits.”

Mom and dad my refrain from going overboard on gifts, but there’s no promises that his godmother Jenni Farley – aka JWoww – will do the same.

“I got a bunch of things for him,” says the recently engaged Jersey Shore star. “But it’s still not fun yet because I want to get him like motor scooters and little electric cars. I want him to terrorize her house.”

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  • Anonymous

    Aww. He’s a cute little butter-ball. But he does look to be 100% hispanic,not at all of Italian origin, just like his mommie.

    • B

      Snooki was adopted, she’s Chilian not italian…

      • Anonymous

        I know that, but his dad is of Italian origin. However, she does refer to herself as Italian, knowing that she is not. Go figure.

        • Anons

          Why do you have a problem with that?

          And is she not adopted by an Italian family? That would make her Italian in the very same sense somone becomes an american. Its not in the genetic, but in the self-identity.

          Lorenzo is a total cutie.

  • Joanna

    Chilena not chilian

  • Anonymous

    Well that’s what she said – she said he looks 100% hispanic just like his mommy.

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