The Wiggles Debut Radio Show: “It’s Seinfeld For the Under Sixes”

The world’s No. 1 children’s entertainment group, The Wiggles, have launched their own radio show The Wiggles Radio Show on SiriusXM. The exclusive daily show for pre-schoolers, airing on Kids Place Live, broadcasts Monday through Friday, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET.

Anthony from The Wiggles opens up about their new radio show with “crazy antics” for the whole family to enjoy. He goes on to talk about how “the Fab Four from Down Under” began, their band motto, and the “next generation of Wiggles.”

CBS: Tell us all about your new radio show, The Wiggles Radio Show on SiriusXM.

The Wiggles: “The Wiggles Radio Show will air every weekday, Monday through Friday, from 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm ET. The pre-schoolers, and their older siblings/parents can follow the fun action filled zany adventures of the Fab Four from Down Under — it’s Seinfeld for the under sixes, lots of problems to solve, music to dance to, and crazy antics to laugh at.”

CBS: Tell us how The Wiggles started. You’re now a worldwide phenomenon. How did it all begin?

The Wiggles: “It all started at University in Sydney. Murray, Greg and myself are qualified early childhood educators. What we learnt at university about how the pre-schoolers think, and what that means for teachers/parents has guided us for the last 21 or so years.”

CBS: Do each of ‘The Wiggles’ have children of their own? What do the kids think of dad’s job?

The Wiggles: “I have three children, Maria 6, Antonio 5 and Lucia 8. Greg has children and Murray too. My children love the Wiggles, and love coming to our shows, Lucia and Maria have moved on from us, but really enjoy the ‘nostalgia’ for them.”

CBS: Why do you think so many children love The Wiggles? What is your band ‘motto’ and what keeps you going after all these years?

The Wiggles: “I think children relate to the music, the color, the innocent slap stick fun. Our band motto has always been: if it doesn’t relate to the children, if they can’t understand the lyrics, the humor, well don’t do it. Keep it all child centered and age appropriate. The creativity of being a wiggle keeps me interested, plus our audience is the best any entertainer could play to.”

CBS: Did your friends and family think you were nuts when you wanted to form a band for kids? What’s your best advice to dad & mompreneurs who have a passion outside a ‘regular’ career, but are afraid to follow an unorthodox path?

The Wiggles: “Well firstly my family thought I was nuts becoming a pre-school teacher after serving in the Australian Regular Army for three years, it seemed a big turn around in careers. All my friends and family have been so supportive of The Wiggles, and I guess that is what I would say to dad and mompreneurs: follow your dream, surround yourself with positive people.”

CBS: What’s up next for The Wiggles? Another world tour?

The Wiggles: “Well next year is the start of the next generation of Wiggles. Murray, Greg and Jeff are retiring, and in comes Emma, Lachlan and Simon. I am staying on, I love it way too much. So I am guessing new TV, won’t be to far away.”

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  • Mea

    Wow…soon they it’ll be just like a Rolling Stones tour….except, for kids.

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