Mariah Carey’s Precious Pearl Girl

Proud mom Mariah Carey shared a sweet snapshot of her adorable 1 1/2-year-old daughter Monroe.

“Ms. Monroe seems to think sometimes pearls can be your best friends too,” the Grammy Award-winning singer posted via Instagram.

Last week, the mom-of-two shared a photo of Monroe’s twin brother Moroccan, chillin’ in his pajamas.

The Cannon twins have taken a strong lead as 2012’s favorite toddlers in our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards! Did you cast your vote yet?

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Photo credit: Instagram


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  1. Jessica

    I don’t understand why some parents use those pacifiers for their toddlers! If your going to be using a pacifier past the age of 1 you need to get one where it won’t totally deform their mouth! The nipple and grip on those ones are horrible for big mouths. Every time I see a toddler with one of those their cheeks are like sucked in.

  2. lily

    wow people get upset when a toddlers use a pacifiers.but they praised pink for still breastfeeding her one year old daughter.

  3. shieda

    im a doctor and breastfeeding up to 2 years is recommended so there’s nothing wrong with pink breastfeeding but pacifier does affect a child’s craniofacial features

    • Anon

      I’m glad you’re not my doctor. Your sentence structure is awful, you don’t capitalize the first word of your sentence and you need to learn what a comma is for. Hope you don’t write medical reports like this.

  4. Noinin

    What brand of pacifier is that? It looks strange and it eats half her face. As for Pink breastfeeding, a human nipple adapts itself to your child’s mouth as far as I know, as opposed to some piece of plastic.

  5. Mo

    Her daughter is so precious.

    igotuggs !

  6. Stefanie

    In all the reason pics she is wearing glasses. Is that fashion thing or does she need them? Anybody know?

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