Snooki: I’ll Have “The Talk” With Lorenzo One Day

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has been transformed by motherhood since welcoming her son Lorenzo in August. But don’t expect the Jersey Shore star to have any regrets about her colorful past.

“[My wild days] aren’t really a big deal,” the new mom, 25, told PEOPLE. “Everyone thinks, ‘Oh my God, what are you going to tell Lorenzo?’ “

“I was 21 years old and I did what everybody else did, but it was just on camera. [I’ll tell him], ‘Learn from my mistakes and once you go through them, you’re going to know how to deal with them,’ ” she added.

Planning to have “the talk” with her son sometime between ages 13-15, Snooki says she’ll tell him: “This is what happens when you’re 21. You’re going to go through this. Just be careful.”

Saying that life with her newborn son is “amazing,” she added, “Lorenzo has made me a better person. I’m so much more mature. He’s just my life.”

While she and fiancé Jionni LaValle can’t quite play with the 3-month-old tot just yet, at least, “he’s starting to coo now,” the proud mom said. “He’s holding his head up really [well], so hopefully he can start sitting on his own. I just can’t wait until he crawls.”

While baby Lorenzo has “a lot of Christmas outfits,” the new mom is researching ideas for a festive holiday season.

“I would love to have traditions, because we don’t have any yet. I’m just looking for stuff – you know, Googling,” Snooki said.

And she shared her svelte post-baby body secrets.

“I started a trainer on Halloween,” she said. “I go four times a week and he kicks my butt. I’ve always eaten healthy – chicken and vegetables. The drinking made me heavy. It’s hard to drink when you’re taking care of a child, so I don’t really drink. When I’m [out of town without family], that’s when I drink wine.”

The series finale of MTV’s Jersey Shore airs Thursday at 10 p.m.

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  1. musiclover

    Lorenzo is adorable! I had my doubts about whether she’d turn her life around, but she certainly seems to be devoted to her little man =)

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