Chris Bosh & Family Enjoy A Christmas Event

NBA athlete Chris Bosh was snapped with his wife Adrienne Williams and his daughter Trinity – who turned 4 last month – as the trio arrived at the Christmas With Chris Bosh event in Miami, FL.

The Miami Heat power forward – who welcomed his son Jackson on May 3 – has been locked in a child support battle with his former girlfriend Allison Mathis and has recently received some resolution.

According to The Miami Herald, an Orlando judge ruled in Chris’ favor after the athlete was able to defend his claim that he resides in Texas rather than Florida. As a result, Chris was able to avoid paying Allison $30,000 a month in child support.

Chris – who claims to have given his ex $250,000 in 2010 – says he pays for Trinity’s medical and dental insurance, which was not court mandated.

He also claims to covers all preschool expenses and supplies and school extracurricular and developmental activities fees.

With a college fund already set up for his daughter, Chris alleges that he gives Trinity plenty of emotional support as well.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • Anna

    Ok that size/height difference is creepy because when hes doing her it would be the equivalent of doing a small child (stature wise), yeah he might be abnormally tall but that is just too much of a difference! and I am only 5 feet saying this!!! I could not be with anyone more than a few inches than myself I would feel like a child!

    • Lakesha

      Anna, you saw this family, and that’s where yourvthoughtbpattern went?

    • Anonymous9

      Well, apparently feeling like a child would go quite well with your ability to think like one.

    • Anonymous

      “doing her”

      Are you kidding me?

    • Anon

      What you wrote says VOLUMES about you, and nothing about them.

  • Ano

    Anne: So what! Maybe it’s love.

  • Anna

    that guy is a closet pedophile any guy who dates an extremely shorter woman is just looking to see what its like to screw a child, dont kid yourselves I have heard men say this.

    • anonymous27

      He has no choice then…he must always feel like a pedophile. Every women he meets will always be much shorter than him. Actually, ANYONE he ever meets will always be shorter. Wow, Anna, you need to open up your mind a little…excuse my French, but you are really stupid….

    • Leah

      “I have heard men say this” –> if your friends say they date short women to see what it would feel like to be with a child, I would seriously consider changing friends. Anna you’re a creep.

    • Kasey1

      That’s a strong accusation about a man you don’t personally know, who seems to love his wife, daughter, and son. Well, Anna, don’t kid yourself. You must be ignorant. You’d have to be to make such an ignorant comment. And by the way, I’m 4’8, 22 years old and have dated men that were taller than me, much taller than me, you know because they were wanting to see what is was like with a “child” *rolls eyes* *sarcasm*

  • Ahhh

    It’s always nice to see a child and parents spending happy times together! I know that Trinity and her mother share sweet special times too. I just am so glad that Chris and Adrienne share these happy times with Chris’s daughter. Trinity will always know how much her Daddy loves her and that her stepmother loves her.

    • Kasey1

      Agreed, I used to look at Adrienne’s instagram (back when I still had it) and I love when she posted pictures of she and Trinity together. You can tell she works very hard to make her feel special and included, I think that’s very important. That’s why I think Adrienne seems like such a positive person.

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