David Letterman Opens Up On Fatherhood & Depression

David Letterman admits he balked at fatherhood before his son Harry was born.

In an interview with Charlie Rose – the late night talk show hosts said, “I just thought…I can’t do both. I can’t try to have a successful television show and be a father. And I was wrong about that, because as difficult as being a father is, it’s entirely complementary with everything else in your life.”

Letterman also opened up on his long battle with depression and his reluctance to take medication.

US Magazine reports he was “always skeptical” about taking depression medication and worried “it would make me loopy or make me hallucinate or make me drowsy.”

So when he quit the drugs “cold turkey” it led to “nervous anxiety”.

“Part of the concoction of drugs they give you to fight that pain are pretty serious, and I just got tired of taking them. Then I was really screwed.”

He turned to friend and doctor, Louis Aronne, for help.

“So that’s when I said to Louis, ‘OK, OK, I’ll try anything just to get rid of this depression.'” he explained. “Because it’s different than, ‘Oh, I don’t feel good today.’ It’s different than feeling sad. It’s different than feeling blue. It’s really, like a friend of mine says, it’s the world with 20/20 vision.”


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  • May

    Good for him for coming out about his depression. The more its talked about the less stigma mental illness will have. It affects every facet of you and your family members lives. We must look at it and treat it just as we would a purely “physical” illness such as a broken hip or cancer.

  • Anonymous9

    Maybe he could also get rid of his obsession with Leno, as long as he’s working on things. It’s creepy and uncomfortable.

  • Anonymous

    What a minute! Where’s all the vitriole for this man who cheated on his wife? You crazy bitches go NUTS on some people and have nothing to say about others. Hypocrits, the whole lot of you.

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