Katherine Heigl: Adalaide’s Adoption Was “Beautifully Serendipitous”

During a Thursday appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Grey’s Anatomy alum Katherine Heigl opened up about the “beautifully serendipitous” adoption of daughter Adalaide.

“This was fascinating because we started the adoption process again and we thought we were going to adopt internationally. It’s a pretty long process. It can take years,” she said her initial plans to find a sibling for Naleigh, 4, with husband Josh Kelley.

While the couple adopted Naleigh from Korea, they opened up their search this time around.

“And then we started exploring because we had heard that Korea had gotten very hard to adopt from, and China had a very, very long waiting list and I was like (taps wrist), any day now,” she continued

As it turns out, they found a match within the U.S. this time around.

“And so we started exploring the idea of domestic adoption – just exploring – and then my lawyer called and said, ‘There’s a birth mother and she’s due in four weeks and she’s all yours if you want her,’” the Knocked Up star said.

Katherine said the immediacy of their adoption news came as a surprise to her musician husband.

“He thought it was going to be a few years, and that we were going to end up with more of like a 9-month-old or 10-month-old, and he looked at me and said, ‘You’re telling me in a month we’re going to have a newborn?’ And I said, ‘Yes. It’s perfect timing, don’t you think? Look we’re both here, we’re not working. This is great. We can spend time with her,’” she shared.

The proud mom added: “And it has been beautifully serendipitous and graceful, because we’ve gotten to spend all this wonderful time with her.”

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  1. SMH

    Hmm wonder why it doesnt go this fast or smoothly for everyday americans trying to adopt???

    • Angie

      It often does – if you are open to children who have medical problems or are minorities (which Katherine and her husband obviously are.)

    • AvaElizabeth

      I really agree with you..

      So sad for parents who wait since years for a child and can’t afford a lot of money.

      Don’t understand me false, I really like Katherine Heigl and her husband for adopting children and giving them a loving home. And for adopting Naleigh, who needed medical help.

      But this story now.. It seems a little bit like ‘going in the supermarket, choose, pay – 5 minutes – done.’ And this is not, how it happens for other people who wait for adopting – and would be great parents, too.

  2. Anonymous

    As an adoptive mother of a minority…uh, no the process doesn’t happen like that at all. Unless you are a celebrity of course and have a private attorney, things can work out like that.

    • Rose

      Speak for yourself. Just because it didn’t work that way for you, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. I know of 7 families that were able to adopt children very quickly. None of them are rich or famous. It’s totally possible.

  3. Pippa

    And also, if you were a 15 year old girl and had to give up your baby for adoption and someone said, “Katherine Heigl will take it!”. You’d be like, “OK!, at least I know she will have a decent life and be well taken care of!”. And I know that is not the way it usually works or is supposed to work, but it happens like that all the time. It’s WHO you know. Sad,

    • Pippa

      One more thing…..she really shouldn’t be telling that story to the whole world on TV. She will alienate people who have been waiting years for a child. This girl always has a way of putting her foot in her mouth and saying stupid sh**. Not surprising.

  4. Grace

    Goodness. Everyone here seems so jealous. They have the resources to adopt the way they did and that’s just it. The most important thing is that a child who could have had a terrible life is ending up with a great one because of these people and that’s awesome.

  5. Anon

    My granddaughter was adopted within five months of completion of home study and necessary background checks. They came home with a newborn. Our family was told to expect an easy two year wait. Sometimes miracles just happen.

  6. Missy

    My aunt waited two years to get her daughter. Within a week of the adoption, she got a call from another agency saying there was another newborn if she still wanted to adopt.

    It really depends on the situation.

  7. Anonymous

    The reason is simply: The people who posted above made presumptions that her financial status or celebrity was ABSOLUTELY the reason she got this child. Yet, there is ABSOLUTELY no evidence of this.

    I have a question: If this was a neighbor of yours, would you feel the need to sit around the table with your friends and just trash-talk the woman to death? If the answer is yes, the reason is USUALLY jealousy.

    Jealous that they have something you want. Jealousy that you’ve perceived they have an advantage that you don’t. Even simple jealousy that she seems so happy when others spend their lives just harping on every word that leaves someone’s mouth.

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