Leslie Mann & Paul Rudd Talk Parenting & ‘This Is 40’

The stars of This Is 40, the highly anticipated “sort-of-sequel” to Judd Apatow‘s Knocked Up, know the subject matter well. Both in their 40s and raising kids – Leslie Mann is mom to daughters Iris and Maude, Paul Rudd has kids Jack and Darby – they recently talked to BreezyMama.com about parenting and getting older.

On having more babies in their 40s: PR: “With this one, I think we’re probably done. My wife would say, ‘No, we’re done.’ We’ve talked about it. I always say, ‘Why? Why? It’s just another child for you to raise.’ I don’t know if the humor in that will come across in print, so just be careful when you all blog [laughs].”
LM: “I don’t know. It depends on the day. So, maybe if I’m feeling overwhelmed that day, it would sound like a terrible idea. But I’ve thought about it, ‘What if. Maybe it could be fun.’ I don’t know if I have the energy for it. It takes so much energy. Judd’s sister has a brand new baby and then a 4-year-old and an 8-year-old, and she’s alone – her husband is in Rome. And she’s 42. And it just seems like such a nightmare. She’s exhausted. And it’s just such hard work, so why would you do that to yourself if you could avoid it? I don’t know.”

On separating what happens on screen from what happens at home: LM: “Well, our girls are pretty smart. And after work, we’ll sit down and have dinner together and have creative conversations about all of this stuff and we talk about it in a different way. We understand that it isn’t Maude’s in on it and Iris is in on it. They’re both like just fantasizing about what they would like to do. Like for me, I sometimes fantasize about screaming at mothers at school but I would never do it. But we can have these conversations, these very imaginative conversations, about things we would like to do. They know that it isn’t mommy and daddy’s problems. It’s having fun with it and having fun with being emotional, and it’s all okay. All of these thoughts that we have are okay. It’s not bad to have thoughts of screaming at another mother at school.”

On being 40: LM: “I feel like I have lunches or get-togethers with my girlfriends who are the same age every once in a while, and sometimes those meetings are really hard, and we’re all crying, and we all hate our husbands, and we all want to run away, and we all dream about some better life. And then some days we get together, and we’re all really happy with our husbands and love our kids and are happy with everything. It’s literally like riding this wave. We’re just going with it.”

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  1. I ADORE these two. I cannot WAIT to see this movie!! They are the most down to earth people, and along with Judd they just make comedy GOLD

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