Lisa Ling: I’m Slowing Down In This Pregnancy

Lisa Ling says she has slowed down now that she’s seven months pregnant.

The journalist – who is expecting her first child with Paul Song – told The Huffington Post, “Every single day I have been asked whether or not I’m slowing down. The answer is “Yes, absolutely!” I know I’ll have to reduce travel enormously. But not a single person has asked my husband! Even though I’m seven months along, because I’ve miscarried, I’m still nervous every day. I’m constantly feeling my stomach to make sure she’s moving.”

She continued, “She’s really active, so it’s like, “Is she moving, is she moving today?” You live in these months of fear. There is just so much more pressure on women. I’ve gained more of an appreciation for all of the challenges women have to deal with: pregnancy, fertility, juggling what’s professional and personal.”

The 39-year-old also added that she and her husband considered adopting.

“I honestly never had the biological need to reproduce until I met my husband. But by the same token, even if we were unsuccessful, we were totally ok with adopting. We feel lucky we’ve been able to conceive, and hopefully we will be able to have this baby. We also firmly believe there are so many kids in this world who need homes. We have always talked about adopting.”

As for what she’s craving these days it’s usually yogurt.

She revealed, “I’m eating a lot more now that I’m pregnant and my husband is loving it because he has such a voracious appetite. I swear this is his favorite time of being married to me. But what’s one thing I can’t live without right now? I have to have my plain yogurt with my Nectresse every single morning.”

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  • Hi Lisa I was thinking of you did’nt no you were expecting.How ironic to here you were thinking of adopting.I,ve watched your show Our America.And see your interested in some real life issues.Im a birthmother of a 10 year old daughter SandraJr.How do you feel about open adoption?I’ve been lied to by the couple who adopted Sandra, and you no what hurts they just don’t care.I think a law should be passed to stop couples from reneging on there agrement with birth parents.I did’nt know you were pregnant Lisa. maybe after you have your beautifhl daughter you can look into this subject.So many of us mothers need a strong advacate like you.

    • Carol

      just wanted to congratulate you Lisa and Paul. I’ve had fertility issues and my end result was adopting two great kids from Romania. I think its awesome when someone who’s had so many heartbreaks, ends up conceiving a love child. I wish you both a blessed birth and life with your little one. I am also a big fan of your show and watch it or have it PVR’d. Good Luck.

  • valerie cunningham

    hi congrats on ur baby i want to see if u could help me with a 30 yr old case dna wasnt availabe at the time a 73 yr old woman was raped threats were made my friend took the rap his family deserted him and i just recently found out hes been doing time alone hte rapist is still walking around hes doing he time i dont know how to go about getting a dna test also im not very good on the computer i think youre awesome too thank you valerie

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