Matthew Broderick & James: Rainy Day Duo

Matthew Broderick and James Wilkie walked in the rain to school in New York City on Friday (December 21).

James covered up his head and carried an umbrella just like dad. It’s the last day before the holiday break!

Last month Broderick was asked what he and wife Sarah Jessica Parker do to relax.

He told The Huffington Post, “The truth is, I’m out at 7 or a little earlier … but if I get home and Sarah’s awake, we seem to just watch people buying apartments in Rome [on ‘House Hunters International’]. [Laughs.] That’s pretty much it! Moving to Stockholm, relocating to some Korean city … they have three choices and they narrow it down to two, because they don’t like one for some dumb reason. ‘I really like this sofa,’ sometimes they’ll say. That’s always amazing to me. ‘You’re buying a house! Don’t worry about the sofa, you idiot!’ ‘But this couch is so comfortable.’ [Laughs.] And they always like the open layout, stainless steel and granite. But it is fun to see how people live in other places.”



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  • Charlotte

    James would be cuter with short hair.

  • Anonymous

    Another one in dire need of a haircut.

    • Anonymous

      Another one in dire need of some manners.

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