Samaire Armstrong Introduces Son Calin

Meet baby Calin!

The Mentalist star Samaire Armstrong introduced her newborn son via Instagram. “My baby boo,” the proud new mom wrote. 

The actress, 32, announced the arrival of her first child last weekend.

“Thank you so much for all the love,” she wrote. “Will post pictures after a little rest. We’re all doing wonderfully. It was an amazing experience and we couldn’t be more thrilled with our new arrival. xoxo!”

The O.C. alum is remaining mum on the baby’s father and his date of birth.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Sam

    “The O.C. alum is remaining mum on the baby’s father….”
    Isn’t there a shirtless, tattoo-ed man laying on the couch in the background of the pic?

    • Anonymous


    • steph

      just because there is a man there doesn’t mean its the babies father could be a brother

  • denise

    Beautiful!! Congratulations

  • Calin…. I LOVE THAT NAME!!!
    Also a beautiful baby boy he is!

  • AvaElizabeth

    such a cutie!

    My first thought was:
    He looks a lot like his mum, especially the nose, the lips, the ‘look’ of his face completly 🙂

    Like her in Mentalist so much, hope, ‘Summer’ is coming back <3

  • Anabelle

    I had no idea at all she was even expecting! x

  • Bloopie

    Cute name! Haha it means “hug” in French 🙂

  • Harmony

    The shirtless tattoo guy is the father. He is a douchebag door guy in Hollywood. He use to be a driver for porn chicks for Vivid. He claims to be a musician but has no real creditable gigs besides those given to him by his celeb friends (out of pity so he can pay bills)Great catch 😉

  • Skye clark

    For the record, the tattooed guy is the father. And he hasn’t been a door guy/driver in a long time. I believe they met in rehab. They are both doing well and he’s a great musician and does well

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