Tabitha & Loretta Broderick Are Fashionably Bundled Up

They may only be toddlers, but you can tell Tabitha and Loretta Broderick are already following in their mom’s fashionable footsteps. They’re adorable!  We love their colorful matching toggle coats.  Find out where to get one for your little fashion tot over at Momfinds.

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Photo credit: Momfinds

  • Anon

    I thought it was Tabitha and Loretta? Where has Marion come from?

    • Eva

      Loretta’s first name is Marion, but I have heard they call her Loretta, so don’t know why this keeps coming up.

    • Jenny Schafer

      Thanks, we just updated the post.

  • Anonymous

    Love seeing these two on their big city adventures. CUTE!

  • Anonymous

    They’re a beautiflu mix of Mommy, Daddy, and big bro James Wilkie. But their gorgeous hair is 100% SJP.

  • Barbara

    I love the way she dresses these girls. They are adorable!

  • Lil

    Too, too cute, Love their style!!!!

  • Micaela

    So adorable!

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