Hugh Jackman Feels “So Lucky” To Have A Son & Daughter

A doting family man and massive movie star, actor Hugh Jackman opens up about both roles in a new interview with The Aussie star, who has kids Oscar and Ava with his wife Deborra Lee Furness, is already garnering plenty of Oscar buzz for his highly anticipated new film Les Miserables, which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

On his relationship with his wife: “I am the pragmatic, steady, sensible one. Deb is the hilarious, fun, sexy, crazy, impractical one. When it comes to the kids, I’m strict and she’s lenient. But deep down, we’re very similar. We get each other completely without ever having to speak, and we have pretty much since day one.”

On having a son and daughter: “I feel so lucky to have both a son and a daughter, because there’s a different relationship with each of them. Instinctively as a man, you know what your son has to go through. So I think you’re a little tougher…. With a daughter, this protective side comes out. When I come home, my daughter will run to the door and give me a big hug, and everything that’s happened that day just melts away.”

On his character in Les Miserables, Jean Valjean: “I’m not a loner at all. The one thing I relate to about Jean is that I’m probably a little hard on myself. Jean lives with this constant striving to be a better man, but he never feels he attains it, and I, too, strive all the time.”

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  • PJ

    He always talks so lovingly about his wife. I’m not jealous at all….

  • Ano

    I’m sure he’s a fantastic father!

  • Mimi

    I love this man from head to toe.

  • Nikko

    If he was a good father he’d protect his children not expose them as public prey. His own movie site has posts about this. Me thinks the lady protests too much, him and his wife are frauds, no doubt in my mind.

    • Ella

      No offense but it is impossible to protect them completely from the press. He is a famous actor, paparazzi literally stalk his house and follow him and his daughter from school. What is he supposed to do? If he would yell at them, they would make pictures of him anyway and it would be a bad example for the kids. This calm attitude is much better. And that he talks about them? I can´t see anything wrong about it. He has his priorities straight. And don´t tell me that “they are frauds” means he is gay and they are faking it? He met her 17 years ago when he was nobody and she was famous. Why would they get married? And he has no official website, all posted on the website are fansites, so not his fault and not his doing.

      • Nikko

        The story stars like to put out that they are being stalked but there are even more famous stars that manage to keep their beloved children away from the paps. It’s done for publicity. Actual aussies say his wife was never a big star, at best a B actress, nearing 40. He was on his way up before that 1st TV appearance even aired. It is for the public respectability and convenience like Rock Hudson & for conservative families.

        • Noinin

          If you’re a star and you don’t want to expose your children to paparazzi, then you can’t go anywhere with them. If you are a hands on parent, there is no way you can avoid them. It’s a choice and he chose to be able to walk his children to school, and go to the beach with them. As for the truth about his marriage, I think people have a hard time understanding that a person as hot as Hugh Jackman can be in love with a plump, older woman. But she is still quite good looking, and perhaps he has understood that it’s what’s inside that matters?

          • Nikko

            The choice is not to never go out with your children. That’s what they want you to think. Other stars don’t leave their children behind. The choice is whether to live your life in a fishbowl or not. They are both out for publicity first & foremost.

    • Pepper

      Using Rock Hudson as a comparison is not very bright of you. Rock Hudson never married. Neither did Richard Chamberlain. Actors of their generation were forced to be secretive re their sexual orientation to preserve their careers. Thankfully times have changed and we are witnessing successful entertainers who happen to be gay. For you to think the Jackmans would live a major lie for decades is utterly juvenile. Oh, but you are a juvenile. It’s obvious by your adolescent thought patterns.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome guy….very rare in today’s society.

  • Sophia

    Wait, he’s NOT the sexy one? Um yeah ok… 😉

    • Anonymous

      He’s talking about HIS wife. He expresses himself beautifully. Why would he think HE was the sexy one?

      • Emma

        Sophia was being facetious. Didn’t you see the “smiley wink?”

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