Jerry Seinfeld Says His Kids Aren’t Spoiled

Jerry Seinfeld says his children Sascha, 12, Julian, 9, and Shepherd, 7, aren’t brats.

According to US Weekly – the comedian told The New York Times Magazine that his daughter was upset when his wife Jessica bought her an iPhone 5. She called it a “mean-girl phone”. As for his son he added that Julian wanted him to sell his collection of Porsches and even called his dad “spoiled”.

He also mentioned in the interview that he had just returned from a three-day vacation sightseeing with his family.

“My head’s spinning a little bit from the travel.”

As for work Seinfeld admitted he can’t stay away from doing comedy shows for long.

“We did a lot of moving, and we had a lot of fun,” he explained, “but I get thrown off easily. If I have one weekend off from stand-up, and I do something weird, I completely forget who I am and what I do for a living.”

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