Tori Spelling Shows Off Finn’s Nursery

See where little Finn Davey lays his head!

Tori Spelling takes fans on a personal tour of her baby boy’s “retro-meets-modern” nursery in a video posted to her blog, saying, “Out of four nurseries, I think this is my favorite one.”

Designed with the help of her good friends Bill Horn and Scout Masterson – aka The Guncles – the mom-of-four reveals that the inspiration for the gorgeous room started with one little giraffe that she found at an antique store.

Tori can’t help but gush about how Finn’s nursery, which features a mix of flea market finds and custom-made pieces, turned out!

“In this video you’ll see me say ‘AMAZING’ a gazillion times,” she writes. “I mean… seriously, I need to put my vocabulary in check.  For all of you moms, after your babes are asleep you can watch this video with wine in hand and every time I say ‘AMAZING’ take a sip. #MomsDrinkingGame … (kinda joking, but not a bad idea!)”

What do you think of Finn’s nursery?

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  • Diana

    I don’t like it at all… I mean, the wall paper makes the room more darker, too much for a little baby. but it’s just my opinion. I think she puts all herself making this nursery and having a lot of fun 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I also wonder about all the accessories. How do you even let little kids IN that room? They’d wreck it pretty quickly and none of it is safe.

  • Anonymous

    i think it’s ugly.

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