Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy Take Cyrus For A Stroll

New parents Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy were headed out for a Christmas Eve stroll with their newborn baby boy Cyrus in New York City today (December 24).

Both bundled up against the winter chill, the Homeland star and her husband seemed in great spirits as they pushed their along in his stroller. This is our first sighting of Claire and Hugh since they welcomed baby Cyrus on December 17.

The proud papa reportedly broke their happy news in an email to friends last week, writing, “Mother and baby are well, healthy, and happy. Together we send our love to you all.”

Congratulations again to Claire and Hugh!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • TabithaFan21

    They really do not need that newborn out in the cold or out around a bunch of people yet. Don’t doctors advise not taking a newborn out for at least six weeks and not allowing a ton of people around because of germs? They have no immune system at all. They are gonna get stopped left and right with a newborn because people want to gawk and touch and they breathe germs all over. It’s especially better to be cautious right now because of flu season.

    • Sally Ann

      Easy Trigger, nobody knows how long their stroll was & nobody would stop them bc no one can tell its a newborn because the carrier is all closed up. If he has on warm clothes, hat w/ear flaps, & is bundled in a blanket he should be fine w/ the stroller lid up to block the wind. You must be a FTM. (first time mom). Babies aren’t as fragile as they seem.

      • emma

        First time mom? This person knows jack sh!t about parenting. That ignorant post probably came from one of the many teenagers that seem to frequent this site!

  • Anna

    No doctors don’t advise that. It’s good for babies to go outside and breath fresh air. Germs are inside too and so is the flu.

    • Anonymous

      Germs are MOSTLY inside. The reason people get sick more in the winter is specifically BECAUSE everyone stays inside and no one opens a window.

  • Emma

    Never mind that you should have a newborn lying flat not scrunched up in a car seat. Two big celebs should be able to afford a lovely big pram. I hate those graco things.

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