Beyonce Shares New Picture of Baby Blue

Sailing the big blue sea with baby Blue Ivy!

Beyoncé posted this lovely photo of a cuddle shared with her daughter Blue on Tumblr recently, along with a few more new pictures of friends and family.

With the new year fast approaching, the ‘Single Ladies’ singer and her husband Jay-Z will soon be celebrating their baby girl’s first birthday! Blue turns 1 year old on January 7.

“It was the best experience of both of our lives,” the music power couple said when they announced their daughter’s birth last year.

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Photo credit: Tumblr


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  1. arabella

    every pictures we see of blue its always blurry of the back of her head there are hardly any clear picture of her face.

  2. Kaz

    why are they hiding her face…something doesnt add up!Also the pregnancy was fake!I really got turned off Beyonce.

  3. Jenn

    I agree, I dont know why you can never see her face either. But although it’s annoying for us who want to see pics ultimately it’s up to her parents to decide what they want to show to the public I guess.

  4. Ano

    I don’t believe she carried that baby and I don’t understand this picture. Beyonce obviously needs attention. But I hope they’re happy.

  5. TabithaFan21

    What’s the point in sharing photos of her when they aren’t even photos of ‘her’ they are always of the back of her head. That’s just stupid, if they don’t want people to see her then they shouldn’t share photos.

  6. Elizabeth

    I’m curious what makes you think that she wasn’t pregnant?

  7. Francesca

    Here we go with the ridiculous “she wasn’t pregnant” claims again. Aren’t you tired already?

    The fact that she wants privacy for her child is actually applauding.

    • Anonymous

      I think the “she was never pregnant” craziness is just that… crazy.

      And if she wants privacy for her child, fine, but what’s the deal with releasing photos that aren’t photos? What’s next, a photo of the baby’s elbow? Just stupid, really.

      • Anonymous

        There are several photos of Beyonce showing a well rounded stomach exposed pregnancy while she was on vacation. Stop with your nonsense. Also, these photos of the baby are annoying. Either show the kid or don’t bother. Every time I see one of these “non” photos, I just wish she would stop already.

  8. Tasha

    @ Francesca, if Beyonce wants “privacy” for her child, why is she POSTING photos online aka the Internet where everything is instant & shared all over the world? It’s not like the paparazzi stalked her w/a telephoto lens, she supplied the photo herself & I agree if you’re not going to share a clear photo then don’t share one at all. It’s a waste…

  9. Mimi

    I think it’s better if they don’t show pictures at all of their baby if they’re gonna be doing this, because really it’s getting ridiculous now. I understand they want privacy for their baby and we’re not used to this considering that so many celebs can’t get enough of showing off their kids. But again, these pics of “look at my baby but not her face” is getting really dumb.

  10. Anonymous

    That’s because she looks like her ugly father. Trust me u wouldn’t want to see her face.

  11. Dana.

    Please put a life jacket on that baby while holding her so close to the side of the boat.. accidents do happen unfortunately and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  12. v-girl

    If the child was beautiful, I guarantee her face would be posted on every magazine out there. I don’t believe Bey was preggers either. IMO, All a hoax, someone else carried the baby or they adopted.

  13. mimi

    First of all – assuming that the baby is “ugly” because they don’t show her face, is ridiculous. How shallow can yall be?!

    Second – I understand wanting privacy for your child. If I was famous, I would be the same way. But IMO – releasing pictures like this is pretty much ASKING for the paparazzi to stalk you. Whoever does get the first clear shot of Blue’s face is going to make a ton of money off of that photo. If they didn’t want their child to have ANY publicity around her – just don’t share anything about her. Not her name, birthday or any photos. But this, this is just ridiculous.

  14. Luna

    I think the more secrecy is about this baby, the bigger the disappointment will be when we ACTUALLY are going to see her face, as there might be something to hide about.

  15. Anonymous

    She was not adopted because she looks just like Jay but I’m pretty convinced she didn’t carry that baby, a surrogate did.

    • Fatima

      She had the baby, if you don’t believe it than go google those pic of her on the beach showing off her bare baby bump in a white bikini. and her over sized dress folded not her belly, and even if she didn’t have the baby, so what, she doesn’t have to explained nothing to us, so leave her be.

      • Gemini

        Google and see pictures of what and who? Beyonce did not give birth to that baby. They are not showing better pics because the little girl looks like her birth mother and maybe Jay. IMO, I think they probably chose a woman that favors Beyonce. We saw Solange during her pregnancy and she doesn’t even a have an album. If Beyonce actually carried that baby she would not have able it so easy to leave her with nannies every other week, there was no motherly connection. She didn’t gain a pound or take a stitch for that baby.

      • D

        It looked like a beer belly to me…

        • Fatima

          I guess you were all there when the surrogate gave birth to her, I guess you were there every single day with the three of them, I guess you were there at every doc appt they had or been inside Beyonce’s of uterus. so whether she gave birth or not doesn’t matter, what matters that she has a very beautiful healthy child that she loves.

  16. Anonymous

    You think those pictures of her in a white bikini show her looking pregnant? To me, it looks like she had a big lunch.

  17. reefers

    blue baby, thought it was a black baby. face always hidden b/c i bet its as ugly as da baby daddy

  18. Anonymous

    “Beyonce Shares New Shadow of Baby Blue”

    There. I fixed it for you.

  19. Anonymous

    I don’t want to see any more of these ridiculous “photos” of her baby. I feel insulted to have to look at the baby in shadow or the back of her head. Don’t bother if that’s how you’re going to treat people.

    • Kaz

      I think they waiting for the baby to be older so she can have plastic surgery on her nose.They tried to put peg on her nose to make it narrower,but painful and did not work.Sadly she got all the ugly features from Jay(dad).
      We just have to wait what wonders they can do with all their millions!!!

  20. D.K

    She is a fraud, never was pregnant, never gave birth, all you people that think she did have your heads in the sand………and it’s not about the fact that she had a surrogate, it’s the fact that she is a liar and shut down a hospital for this charade………….shame on her

    • Fatima

      @DK You know this for sure, I guess you know the surrogate name and where she lives. or were with them everyday of the pregnanacy or was there when she gave birth. don’t think by now that a family memeber, friend, hospital staff memeber or the surrogate herself would have said something or sold the story to the tabolds or tmz by now. even if they signed a confidentiality agreement with Bey & Jay someone would have told them out by now, because the money from those kinds of stories would by enough to make them rich for life. this story is so old anyway, bottom line Beyonce is this chids mother, whether she gave birth or not she and her husband are the ones raising the little girl not us. they don’t have to explained themselves to us, and if they don’t have to show their child face if they don’t feel comfortable (they don’t have to show her face til she 1 or 5 years old) please let’s get over this by now and move on please!!!!!

  21. Carrot

    For someone who loves to share photos of themselves doing a-z. Why wouldn’t you want to share pics of your baby(Nic and Mariah’s “Dem Babies”) You should be proud to show off your kid, not just back of head, body part or shadow.
    If you were proud enough to show the very first pic, where you could see clear as a bell, then why hide her now? What changed? So what if she doesn’t fit everyone elses expectations. Be proud of your baby, before you give her a complex.

  22. Lilian fabian

    Seriously, i dnt think u want 2 see this baby, she looked like an old witch wit a big mouth. She’s not a small girl.

  23. Gem

    It rediculous for the public to say all those bad remarks about a baby. Innocent little sweetheart.

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