Pregnant Leah Messer Calvert Confirms: It’s A Girl

It’s another girl for Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer Calvert!

The expectant mom took to Twitter on Christmas Day to share the big news, writing, Soo everyone, “Ali and Aleeah is going to have a little sister. That is our christmas present. Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas!”

The expectant mom also posted a collage of photos showing off her growing bump.

Leah and her new husband Jeremy Calvert announced the pregnancy in October, with the 20-year-old reality star saying, “I’m not going to say it wasn’t planned, because we intended to try — eventually. It just happened a little sooner than we expected.”

The baby girl on the way will join 3-year-old twins Aliannah and Aleeah, Leah’s kids from her previous marriage.

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Alyssa

    First of all it’s “Ali and Aleeah ARE going to have a little sister”…normally I would assume this is just a simple mistake, but she frequently makes this mistake while speaking. I hope she learns to break the habit, because it makes her sound ignorant.

    And, I think these pictures look perverted. They look like they’re dry humping and/or making love, not posing for a pregnancy photo/Christmas card.

    • DIetra

      I said the same thing when I read this! lol I pray that this guy knows what he’s getting into? I also hope that they can stay together and make it work…for the childrens sake.

    • Anonymous

      I really, really, really want to give her the benefit of the doubt. Her reproductive choices are hers to make. But I agree 100% about these photos. What were they thinking?!?!?!?!?

    • me

      Seriously, and it’s in the garage lol.

  • denise

    CAN YOU SAY BITH CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! USE IT.

  • denise


  • Anon

    Yeah I totally agree. The pics aren’t classy at all!

  • Dillion

    Go back to your trailer, you white, honky trash

    • mimi

      Yeah.. because to be trash, you HAVE to be white – right? So ignorant.

  • Anabelle

    Hopefully she’ll be a little more creative with her naming this time, I mean, really? Aliannah and Aleeah? It’s hard enough growing up being “the twins” without also having stupid hick names like that.

    • Rosy

      I think being creative with their names is the whole reason they ended up with shitty names in the first place. She got a bit carried away.

  • Anne

    What makes these pictures even worse than I first thought :they are in a garage! Anyone else notice that?

  • Anna

    trashy photos, shes on his lap looking like a biotch in heat..these are not cute at all or classy, go git em professionally done not in yer garage.

  • Anna

    Oh btw I live in a trailer, I also own 233 acres of land surrounding it. Ya I m trash,LOL.

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