Mario Lopez Wants “At Least 4 More” Children

Newlyweds Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza team up with NIVEA for its “Kiss of the Year” contest on Facebook in search for America’s greatest love story. The winning couple will ring in the new year with Mario and Courtney – parents to 2-year-old daughter Gia – in New York City’s Times Square.

The Extra hunk opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the romantic contest, his favorite family recipe at the holidays, and his hopes for “at least 4 more” children.

CBS: Tell us all about teaming up with NIVEA and its Kiss of the Year Contest on Facebook.

ML: “Back in October, we kicked off NIVEA’s “Kiss of the Year” contest which will give one lucky couple the chance to ring in the New Year alongside my wife and I and enjoy that unforgettable midnight kiss atop NIVEA’s Kiss Stage, in Times Square. After carefully reviewing over 1400 love stories that fans submitted on NIVEA’s Facebook page, we, along with our panel of judges, decided on the three “Kiss of the Year” finalist couples.”

CBS: Did you practice your kiss for your recent nuptials?

ML: “No, we’ve had plenty of practice.”

CBS: Are you hoping to have a big family? How many children are you planning on? Do you want a mix of boys and girls?

ML: “Yes, at least 4 more. Either boys or girls would be great.”

CBS: Happy Holidays! Do you have a favorite family recipes you can share with us?

ML: “My nana’s tamales….they’re a secret family recipe though.”

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  • Jen

    Can you please have real celebs in your magazine. Not famewhores like Mario and Courtney. We are so fed up of those two. Life is not just about those two. Hello

    • Lizzete

      I totally agree w/u!!!

    • Guest

      I totally agree! If they go to the bathroom, we really don’t need to know or do we care! Extra ran a stupid vote contest on how Courtney should wear her hair for their wedding! (which was at their best friend Joe Francis house and I’m sure they got everything for free and didn’t pay a dime due to sponsors)These two fame seeking whores will do anything for attention. Courtney is just as bad as Mario and he is trying desperately to make her a celeb in Hollywood. Not going to work Mario!

  • Bloopie

    Here is one magical word that might change the meaning of everyone’s existence: Adoption!

  • Anon

    Well if they do have more I really hope tye look like her if they are girls. The one they have now looks just like him and…well let’s just say a girl who looks like him isn’t a beauty queen, sadly.

    • Lizzete

      I totally agree w u. I don’t find her cute she looks a bit mentally retard

      • LaKesha

        I guess no one monitors this site anymore.

  • Guest

    He could have done SO much better than her.

    • KT

      Wow. What an ignorant comment. What ever happened to ‘looks aren’t everything’? Maybe she’s a really great person. Besides, he cheated on Ali Landry so he can’t be all that great!

  • anon

    She could have done so much better than him!

  • Nina D.

    Oh, yeah. Men always want 10 more kids, but they’re not the ones who have to carry them, give birth to them, nurse them, and usually generally take care of them.

    • Anonymous

      AND complain about how their wive’s bodies were just never the same afterwards!

  • Lori

    Haven’t liked Mazza since their reality show “Saved By the Baby”. The world got to see what Mario claimed was like “watching home movies”. Mazza’s true ugly personality shown thru. Good luck on your marriage Mario. Mazza is a legend in her own mind! LOL

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