Carey Hart’s Christmas Cruisers

Carey Hart digs chicks on bikes.

“Just rolled up on these two hot chicks on a beach cruiser,” the freestyle motocross racer – who is married to singer Pink and has a daughter Willow – posted to his Instagram account on Christmas Day (December 25).

The 37-year old papa has had a change of heart about the holiday season.

“I hate Xmas, and always have, but my girls @pink and Willz have completely changed that. Love my girls. Merry Xmas everyone,” he shared on Twitter Monday (December 24).

Growing up with a musical mama the one-year old babe is going to be one to watch out for. The doting dad – who feeds his daughter “banana, avocado and toast to get the day going” – created a collage of his babe making some melodies. “Willz is a triple threat!!”

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I don’t care how many people try to tell me that her parenting choices are none of my business, I contend that putting a small child on a bicycle, skateboard, scooter, or motorcycle without also fitting that child with a helmet is inexcusably irresponsible.


I totally agree! The first thing I thought when I saw the picture was, “Where is Willow’s helmet?”


Yup I was also like where are their helmets…
Maybe they have been influenced by their Europe trip, when I was in Amsterdam no one wore a helmut. It was very weird for me from U.K as nearly everyone wears them.


Every culture has different ideas about what to worry about.

I think “inexcusably irresponsible” is a stretch, Will. For all you know, they road 50 feet (and like it or not, the odds of anything happening in 50 feet is next to nill.)

While I do understand your logic, what IF something happened during that 50 feet? The guilt they would feel knowing that they didn’t do everything they could, would haunt them for the rest of their lives. Don’t get me wrong – I am the mother of a 3 year old daughter, and while I do everything in my power to keep to her safe – things happen. Personally, I would never let her get on a bike, scooter, etc without a helmet – but they probably just weren’t thinking about it. Not that that is an excuse, but if you… Read more »
As a dutchie, I can agree on that one: here in the Netherlands, no one wears a helmet. Not grownups, not children. In fact, every summer, you can play a game of ‘Spot the Tourist’, just by watching cyclists. 90 percent chance that the person wearing the helmet is either German or American. Dangerous? Maybe. We don’t think so. As Anonymous says: “Every culture has different ideas.” For us, it would be inconceivable to let a 16 yo. drive a car. In the Netherlands, you can get your driver’s license at 18, and still, most people don’t drive until they’re… Read more »

I agree with you, the kid should be wearing a helmet. I love Pink but she the first one to be critazing people on facebook she should know better.