LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian’s Boys Jet To Nashville

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian and his children Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, were seen at LAX on Wednesday (December 26). They were heading to Nashville.

LeAnn Tweeted on Thursday (December 27): “Outback for dinner w/ Eddie, the boys, my dad, aunt and uncle. Now, popcorn & Le Mis on DVD”

After her interview with E!’s Giuliana Rancic – Brandi Glanville had her two cents to say.

She Tweeted: “My kids can be on (an) E news special apparently but not in the background of the show I am on?”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star added, “He says they can’t be on the background of RHOBH, so when I shoot I have to send them off to a babysitter.”

She also said, “[Eddie] doesn’t realize that [LeAnn is] using our children and putting them in danger. [She’s] using them as a tool to get to me, and not just being a loving parent.”

Ouch! The Twitter feud keeps continuing.

More recently after Rimes wrote, “Flying out with my boys in a few hrs. Love that it’s a family tour weekend. It’s always more fun when they are with me” – Brandi lashed out and said, “Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children ‘her boys’ Sooo transparent! They R MY boys, Eddie Boys and ur step-sons… 4 now.”


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  • Eamon

    Doesn’t this make Eddie a lowlife? It’s obvious that this is a staged photo-op, so why would Eddie lead those kids to the airport knowing that the paps, who his wife called because those same paps were with them while in Cabo, were there? Why would he do such a thing to those kids after he made these statements? Once again why does she set up these “devoted father” photo-ops with those kids when he is promoting something. Check what was airing the day that this staged photo-op was set up! This wasn’t about a family trip, it was about Eddie and Leann using two little kids to keep themselves relevant. And as usual the media falls for it!

    “A six year old and a two in a half year old do not need this kind of negative media attention or any type of public exposure.”-Eddie Cibrian

    “In fact our children should be protected from exposure to public “gossip” in the tabloid magazines and paparazzi”-Eddie Cibrian

    • gayle samson

      Dear ignorant,

      ever been to LAX? The paps wait there all day to see what celebrities they can catch getting on or off a plane. Try to expand your intellectual horizons by thinking. Try to also imagine that people get divorced and remarried all the time and there are children involved! Strop making Leann rimes the poster child for marital infidelity. Move on. You try being married to Brandi Glanville. She is a shrill psychopath who has set the tone for the past four years for personal publicity at the expense of her children and will continue to do so with her new book bashing the father of her children. She only thinks of herself.

      • Little Eamon

        Dear ignorant

        Hi Leann!

        So then how come those kids are NEVER photographed at LAX when they are with Brandi if the paps are there all day? Last year someone took a photo of Leann and Eddie at the airport in their car WAITING for the paps to arrive. There were NO paps waiting for Leann and Eddie. Leann was sitting the car WAITING for the paps.

        Try to expand your intellectual horizons by thinking. Try to also imagine that people get divorced and remarried all the time and there are children involved and it’s disgusting how Leann exploits those kids! Strop making anyone wo doesn’t like Leann rimes the poster child for your haterd Move on. You try being married to Leann Rimes. She is a shrill psychopath who has set the tone for the past four years for personal publicity at the expense of her stepchildren and will continue to do so with her new book bashing the father of her children. She only thinks of herself.

      • Little Eamon

        BTW, Leann is releasing an album in April where she bashes the children’s mother, yet you don’t seem to have a problem with that, now do you?

  • eliz

    That little boy is adorable…. And Eddie is a total scumbag, no argument there- so this pains me to admit he’s so damn good looking… obviously a morally corrupt cheater but he’s still very handsome.. Damn Cibrian!

  • Mimi

    If it wasn´t for all this messy lifestyle, LeAnn Rimes would be nowhere in the public eye for good.

  • Are you kidding me???

    Change that disrespectful headline!!

  • Kaz

    Leave them alone!!!It takes two to tango.Those kids seem very happy to me.Jealousy is a dirty word…Brandy is not happy how the boys love Leann.Its also nice to see that Eddie sees his boys and is a good Dad.

    • Little Eamon

      Hi Leann!

      Leann slept with Brandi’s husband and is tweeting about Brandi’s kids, so the thanks for confirming that Leann is jealous of Brandi! Brandi isn’t happy about how you exploit her kids, use her kids to taunt her, pay media outlets to spin your agenda, and are so publicly disrespectful towards her. People will leave you alone when you stop exploiting those kids and using them against their mother.

      How is he seeing the boys? He is using them to keep his name and face in the press, and that doesn’t make a good dad. If Eddie was a good dad, then he would tell Leann to stop exploiting his kids.

    • Little Eamon

      Leann, people will leave you alone when you shut up and move on.

      You slept with Brandi’s husband and tweet about Brandi’s kids, so it’s you who is jealous. Brandi isn’t happy because you use her kids against her and publicly disrespect her. She isn’t happy because you send your fans to various sites to trash her. She isn’t happy with how you passive aggressively take digs at her.

      How is Eddie seeing the boys? It looks more like he is using them to keep himself in the news. If he were a good dad, this staged photo-op at the airport wouldn’t exist!

  • Danielle

    I dont think it says ‘Leann’s boys’ exactly it could be read that way if you want it to.
    Thank goodness this Christmas seemed to be smoother than last years battle.
    I do feel for Brandi she says she gets them 50% of the time but she only got the boys for half the day on Christmas day and then they’re off to Nashville to their step mom’s family for a week, doesn’t seem like 50% to me but I don’t know the ins and outs.

    I dont think all can be blamed on Leann (oh i don’t like her and the bonus mom thing makes me want to vomit) but why does no one ever diss Eddie?? He needs to grow some balls, if he was really a good dad he wouldn’t treat the mother of his children like shit! If he was a good dad he would put aside his feelings about Brandi and be there at his sons parent teacher meetings.

    • Anonymous

      “Why does no one ever diss Eddie?”

      Because (a) Eddie is not the ‘celebrity’ here; and (b) Eddie is not a woman. Women are always meaner and cattier to other women.

      • Little Eamon

        What does not being a celebrity have to do with anything? Brandi isn’t a celebrity and she still gets trashed by Leann’s minions.

        So now you are saying that people are being mean to Leann for no reason at all? And it has nothing to do with the fact that Leann disrespects Brandi like crazy and continues to tweet about Brandi’s kids out of spite?

        • Zen

          Maybe all this publicity is how Brandi got her job on real housewife. Otherwise she might have just faded away. So she should be grateful to Leann for taking a husband who doesn’t love her enough to stay with her off her hands, and also maybe her well paid job. Reel housewife.

          • Little Eamon

            Brandi should be grateful to the woman who slept with her husband and then who taunts her with her own kids? What type of logic is that? That wasn’t the issue. The issue was why was Eddie not getting slammed and someone used the line that he wasn’t a celeb.

        • Anonymous

          I have NEVER said that people were mean to Leann for no reason at all. Please learn to read.

          • Little Eamon

            This is what you wrote: “Women are always meaner and cattier to other women.”

            Perhaps you should learn to understand what you right! Your comment says that you think that people are picking on Leann for no reason at all. It also ignores the fact that Leann gets slammed because she continues to do inappropriate and insensitive things.

          • Anon

            Wow, Little Eamon, way to keep reading into something that wasn’t said. The question was why aren’t people meaner about Eddie. No one said Leann was innocent here, far from it!!!

            But seeing what a Brandi-fucker you are, it’s no surprise that you can’t see reality. My god, how do you see with your head so far up her ass? (Not that that would be too hard, considering how she dresses).

          • Little Eamon


            You said what you said, now deal with it and stop making excuses for yourself. You did say that Leann was innocent.

            It’s you who can’t see reality. You tell us that your posts don’t say what they say when we can clearly see it. You resort to name calling when you don’t get your way.

  • Amy

    After years together Leann and Eddie are still NOT one hot couple! Gross gross

    • Zen

      How many hot couples are there in real life? Anyway in Hollywood real life can easily be mixed up with real life.

      • Little Eamon

        That explains why Leann has such a hard time dealing with the fact that her marriage to Eddie is a sham.

  • Sweet

    Oh, my goodness! I’m not sure whether I should be flattered or repulsed that I spend so much time worrying and writing about how much I hate Brandi and what she is doing. I could deny everything people post about me, but alas, I’ll just say they are lying so I won’t bother. However, I do want to say that I hope I continue to be consumed by my hatred/jealousy for Brandi because focusing on her takes away from the hurt I can cause people in my real life.

  • Anonymous

    I read the headline three times because I couldn’t figure out what you were so worked up about. I didn’t read it the way you are. I read that the people getting on the plane were Leann and his boys (Flip it around and read it as “Eddie Cibrian’s boys and Leann Rimes jet to Nashville” and you’ll see how I was reading it, as if they left Eddie out altogether and just mentioned her and the boys.)

    With respect to double-standards, if Brandi was so upset and felt it was unfair, why aren’t lawyers involved? No one REALLY gets to have that kind of double-standard, so something is definitely going on her behind the scenes.

    I personally think they ALL drum up this nonsense TOGETHER for publicity. Especially all the slutty photos (from both Leann and Brandi)… they are too ridiculous not to be staged.

    • Little Eamon

      Of course you don’t know what the problem is, you always play dumb when you can’t come up with anything else to explain things like this. It says Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian’s boys, it means exactly how it was posted. The boys belong to Leann and Eddie. Plus this site has done this several times before so makes no sense to try to spin it into something else.

      What did people tell you the last time you asked this questions about Brandi and the lawyer? You were given enough evidence and yet you come back again playing dumb? Seriously? No one? Isn’t Leann suing a teacher? So as we can see, people who have MONEY do get that kind of double standard.

      Of course you think that ALL of them drum up the publicity and then you go on and trash Brandi!

  • Lisa Estall

    The headline means Eddie Cibrian’s boys as written out in the first sentence.

  • Little Eamon

    That’s odd because by that explanation the title suggests that Eddie didn’t go the trip! So why would the title emphasize that Leann and the kids went on the trip? Why is Eddie excluded from the title?

  • Fondo

    Any comments on a LeAnn Rimes photo op crack me up

    • Zen

      I am not surprised she is not the one who want the photo op. It is most likely the press who wants to keep on insinuating that it is the Cibrian boys, NOT hers. I hope she will have her own children soon so the press can stop that shit. I feel sorry for Leann. My eczema is bad enough for me to cope with. Having scoliosis like she does is much worse. On top of that she had to contend with those who took big cuts out of her earnings, falling in love with the wrong guy and the unrelenting sniggering from the press. No wonder she had a breakdown. and the press is gleefully waiting for another one.

      • Zen

        It is psoriasis, not scoliosis. Sorry.

      • Little Eamon

        There is one major problem, Leann encourages her fans and several of her mouthpieces to call Brandi’s kids, her boys. It’s not the media. It’s Leann. Her fans will tweet a comment saying “your boys” and she tweets her approval to those fans for saying this.

        Leann doesn’t have psoriasis, that’s just something she made up to get attention, just like she did rehab.Leann didn’t have a breakdown. It was a pr stunt to get sympathy. Why would anyone feel sorry for her when she is still doing inconsiderate things and tweeting about Brandi’s kids just to spite their mother? She is going to get even more backlash because she is too busy trying to convince people that her hubby isn’t cheating instead of actually taking time to enjoy “her family”.

        Leann gleefully sits on twitter tauting a mother with her own kids and rather than call her on it, some sites encourage that behavior by promoting “Leann’s boys” agenda.

        • Zen

          And so you have the mind of god, and you know.

          • Little Eamon


            Mind of a God? The evidence is on Leann’s twitter timeline & blog. Leann has given several interviews where she calls Brandi’s kids her kids or her sons. Why make excuses for Leann when there is so much evidence to support that Leann encourages her fans and her mouthpieces to call Brandi’s kids, her kids or her boys?

            One of her fans was attacking Brandi on twitter, when Leann tweeted that they were going to Nashville, the fan told Leann to have fun with “her boys”. What was Leann’s response? She thanked the fan and said “lol”. In her Katie interview she said that she and Eddie have two wonderful boys, took a pause and then added of his.

        • zen

          Did you read her mind?

          • Little Eamon

            You don’t have to read her mind because you can SEE it on her timeline and HEAR her say these words in her interviews.

            Another attempt to play dumb because you can’t come up with anything to defend against Leann’s agenda to get her fans and the media to call Brandi’s kids her kids.

  • Anonymous

    How can anyone NOT think this publicity craziness is set up by ALL of them?

    EVERY SINGLE TIME there is a post about any of them, it gets the most people worked up, the most people commenting, and all the crazies come out of the woodwork. It’s the perfect publicity machine!

    • Little Eamon


      Crazies out of the woodwork? You mean yourself, right? Because from what I heard everytime they post about Leann, you show up to write posts slamming Brandi and calling others names. Before you came everyone was civil. There was no name calling or trashing of Brandi.

      So that explains your presence. You think that making these posts slamming Brandi and attacking anyone who doesn’t defend Leann will get Leann the most hits? Didn’t that line of thought backfire for you on one site, who didn’t even put Leann on their most popular celeb or article list?

      Getting the most people worked up doesn’t translate into popularity. Why do you think that this site rarely puts Leann and Eddie on their MOST POPULAR CELEB lists? As we can all tell, it’s more than likely that the people defending Leann are either Leann herself or her the people she talks to on twitter. One of her fans even said that Leann sends them to these sites telling them what to post.

      Is it the perfect publicity machine? You have stated this several times before and what did people tell you?

      Because if that was the case, they would end up on ALL THE MOST POPULAR lists on this site! The problem is that Leann and her friends come here to post. This is an interesting story.

      • Anon

        Leann is a self-centeredd wacko.
        Brandi is a whore who enjoys playing the victim.
        Eddie is an actor who can’t act who probably gets a thrill out of these two women (and I use THAT word lightly) fighting over him.

        It is completely bizarre how infatuated you are with these people.

        • Little Eamon


          It is completely bizarre how infatuated you are with these people. Come on how many times have we seen you write this comment?

  • I hope that daddy of hers has a talk with her. She needs to mature. For gods sake she’s 30. My 16 year old is more mature than she is.

  • Little Eamon

    Leann Rimes brags about how she is going to set up even more staged photo-ops with her stepsons on Sunday and of course how she has even more staged happy family photo-ops planned for them for two more weeks. This is the tweet she sent to one of her fans: “@TAngel84 I’m headed home to go again tmrw. It’s a couple weeks full of fun. Love you too. I’m getting better, thank god ”

    If Leann is so happy and in love like her fans claim, why is she tweeting while on vacation with “her family”? Why is she even tweeting in the first place since she went to rehab for stress related to twitter? That was a lie. She didn’t go to rehab.

  • Little Eamon

    Leann and that Drp person is here posting!

  • Kaz


    • Little Eamon

      Says the person is name calling because she can’t come up with anything valid to defend her position! Leann tweets about another woman’s kids 24/7, so then by your logic she doesn’t have a life! Thanks for confirming.

      • PaminPA

        Why do you care what Leann Rimes tweets about???

        • Little Eamon


          Why do you care that I care what Leann tweets about??? Leann’s fans aren’t very bright!

  • Little Eamon

    Leann and Eddie are very pathetic. Just as predicted(because Leann made sure to send out a tweet confirming where and when they could be found for the day), they paraded those boys through the airport for their pap friends. Is the media going to call Eddie and Leann out for exploiting those kids or will they write yet another fluffpiece? It’s sad that, the kids look very agitated in the photos, raising their arms trying to protect themselves from the paps because their father and stepmother are lowlifes. Eddie and Leann eat up the attention. Leann and Eddie are their own worst enemies. They shouldn’t be shocked that 2013 will result in even more backlash for them. They didn’t have to call the paps again, those kids go through that same airport with their mother and they are never photographed. But then again Eddie and Leann are lowlifes who only care about themselves.

  • Becoming an international star by the age of thirteen is usually a recipe for disaster. Some might even say she peaked early. But after listening to her new album, Spitfire, it’s obvious she’s still on her way to the top of the mountain. LeAnn Rimes has seen it all and on this nakedly honest album, she confronts it all. She’s taken a lot of unjustified heat from the tabloids for her love life but love isn’t always easy and it doesn’t away happen like the movies. She has nothing to hide. Rimes recently sat down with Nashville.com and held nothing back.


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