Tori Spelling Shares Holiday Photos & Stories

All week Tori Spelling has been blogging and sharing photos of Liam, 5, Stella, 4, Hattie, 1, and Finn, 3 months. In one post she writes about Stella’s style.

She writes: “A couple weeks ago the whole family went to a holiday event, which meant it was time for Miss Stella to create a holiday chic look with her own special twist of Stella Style.  My toddlerista came out of her room and I kid you not, my jaw dropped. It was like looking into a mirror (with a 4 year old as the reflection) and seeing myself in an outfit that I would totally wear (and would covet if someone else was wearing).”

She also blogged about the latest cute thing Liam has said.

“Liam just came into my room and handed me these two quarters. He said “Mom, here are two quarters so that you can go buy me, Stella, Hattie, and Finn Christmas gifts”. I said, “Do you think 2 quarters will be enough to buy presents for all four of you?” He pointed out the dates on each quarter which read 1990 and 1997 and said, “YES! Read here, that means they are worth thousand each!”

As for Hattie – the mom-of-four says “Hattie is definitely taking after her toddlerista sister Stella in the style department”. She says, “Her fashion icons are of course big sis Stella but mixed with Maggie Simpson (when Hattie has her pacifier in we call her ‘Maggie Simpson’ ha ha!). I think I just figured out what Hattie’s Halloween costume will be next year…”

Tori also posted a photo of Dean’s son Jack placing the star on top of the Christmas tree and one of Simone.

It was on December 26 the clan visited The Guncles. Bill Horn wrote: “Thanks for my great gifts and a fun Christmas evening, Aunt @torianddean & Uncle @deanracer. Xo – Simone”

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  • Someone

    Toddlerista? Ugh.

  • Ashley

    I know kids do say the darnest cutest things, i would know i am a preschool teacher… But seriously Tori always has these ‘stories’ of what her children say and do and honestly i don’t believe all of them are 100% true.

    Most children when you ask them to dress themselves and pick and outfit at the age of 4 would nevr be able to match quite perfectly how Stella has, and actually often Tori shows off what Stella has chosen to wear or crafts stella has made.

    Im not bagging Tori, i think she’s a super mom and i love seeing her children on this site but just saying I’m starting to doubt some of her stories.

    • DanSy

      Dear Ashley, I can assure you there kids who can very successfully pick the perfect outfit and can create some magnificent artworks and these kids are not even 4. Its not about age, its about personality.

  • Kayla

    Does anyone know where I could find the jacket that Hattie has one?

    • Zar55

      it’s Juicy Couture 🙂

  • Alyson

    Is the baby girl with Finn the daughter of the Guncles? I was not aware they adopted again.

  • Anonymous

    I always enjoy photos from Tori. It’s funny how some people have nothing nice to say yet here they are again on the site, gawking at the photos.

    • Anonymous

      And like Ashley (a few posts up), stating that they are not “bagging Tori” when that’s exactly what they’re doing! LOL

  • Julia

    Cute kids.

  • that baby girl with finn davey looks just like haven warren.

  • hattie will not supposed to look like tori since tori has so much plastic surgery. but she may look a little bit like stella

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