Jessica Simpson: “Bumpin’ & Proud”

It’s a bare baby bump debut for Jessica Simpson!

The expectant mama tweeted a daring self portrait of her growing belly Sunday. “Bumpin’ and proud!” the blonde beauty wrote in the caption.

In the revealing shot, the bare-faced Fashion Star mentor showed off her baby bump – and cleavage! – in a patterned bikini.

The singer-turned-entrepreneur has been sharing on social media while vacationing in Hawaii. On Christmas Day, the fashion designer finally confirmed that she and fiancé Eric Johnson are expecting their second child by tweeting a photo of daughter Maxwell, nearly 8 months, sitting on the beach with “Big Sis” written in the sand.

It’s been a family affair for the Simpsons this holiday season. Jessica’s mother Tina and sister Ashlee were spotted playing on the beach with 4-year-old Bronx last week.

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Anne Marie

    I get the pregnancy belly but what is going on with the lips?

    • carrie7

      what a narcissist!!

  • Someone

    It’s actually a really pretty photo…she looks a lot better with barely any makeup but geez those lips just ruin it, she looks like she is trying too hard!

  • Susana

    She looks amazing!! And wow, so jealous, she has no visible stretchmarks!!
    GO JESS!!

    • Louise

      The belly barely had a chance to bounce back 🙂

      Stretchmarks mostly appear when women are under 30. A very experienced and respected Dutch midwife said so from her own experience.

  • Dini

    Congratulations to her but enough is enough with these celebrities taking pictures of their stomachs and sharing with the world. There are millions of women pregnant each year. She’s not the first and won’t be the last. What’s next, vagina pics?

    • SMH

      I believe we already had a few of those 🙂

    • PaminPA

      What does not being the first have to do with anything? Why do people share photos of their kids then? They’re certainly not the first kids ever!! And why share photos of baby’s first tooth, haircut, day of school, etc? Those aren’t the first either!

  • KA

    Adorable bump, weird lips, wig? Interesting picture lol

  • dani

    wow, her belly is huge! how far along is she? looks like she’s already 5 months pregnant.

    • popsykl

      too far along is she ment to be?

      • Emily

        Women show sooner with their 2nd pregnancies, and they show WAY sooner when the pregnancies are this close together. She looks to be about 2-3 months.

        • Lesley

          I have heard that too – especially with back to back pregnancies, the bump is exposed way faster with 2nd.

          • laura

            Anyway I think she must be at least 4 months along.. I bet the baby will be born not too much after Maxwell’s birthday!

        • dani

          My two babies are only 22 months apart (which I personally feel is also really close) and my belly didn’t look like that at 2 or 3 months.
          I agree with Laura, I think she will be having her second one close to Maxwell’s first birthday.

        • Al

          Are you kidding? If she’s 2-3 months I would like to see what that kid will look like at birth…50 lbs??

        • renae

          I have 2 kids and 8 weeks pregnant now, i barely have a bump(but i took care of myself before and during my pregnancies), but she definitely looks over 3 months. I do think she looks good though. Hopefully she learned her lesson last time and is taking more care of herself.

  • AvaElizabeth


  • laura

    She looks great, but what was the need to share a personal pic?

    • Anonymous

      Lots of people share personal photos. What’s the problem?

  • Ano

    No stretchs marks? It’ a miracle! Lucky her.

    • Louise

      The belly barely had a chance to bounce back 🙂

      But stretchmarks mostly appear when women under 30. A very experienced and respected Dutch midwife said this from her own experience.

  • Kimberly

    I think she may be one of those that show early. With Maxwell she first tweeted a picture of her bump at Halloween. And her daughter wasn’t born until May. The bumps look about the same size.

  • cindy

    Is this necessary? It’s one thing to see photos like this taken on the sly by pap photographers, but this is voluntary. Save it for your personal photo album.

  • courtney

    @anna she’s not a midget by any streach of the imagination she’s 5ft 3in and thats just the scar tissue from her previous c-section streaching to accombodate the new baby. Jess is 3 months pregnant conceived in early october so she’s due around her 33rd birthday having kids 14 months apart isn’t that close. if you don’t like the pictre don’t look at it her fans don’t mind her posting these type of photos. had a certain oscar winner had all four of her children the older 2 would be about 9 monhts apart born July 23rd 1958 and April 8th 1959. as long as everyone is helathy the spacing of children is the parents Prerogative

    • Ashley

      HeyCourtney, i was just wondering how you knew she was 3 months along and conceived in october?

      not bashing you at all, just wondering cause i also was trying to find out how far along she was, given her tummy so big now! but i couldn’t find any press that said it. Do you have a link?

  • Anna

    she may not be technically a midget but she is freakishly short, I know 11 year olds who are taller. LOL

    • Teresa

      Anna, you’re just upset because you’re wishing you looked like her. Men love short women with curves. There is a reason for that. Probably don’t need to go into details here for anyone with half a brain.

  • Will

    There is no possible way that she is only a few weeks pregnant. She has to be at least 4-5 months along which means that she knew she was pregnant very early in her agreement with Weight Watchers. Personally, I would choose expanding my family over any business agreement too so I don’t fault her for that, per se but I DO have a problem with the fact that she and her family just cannot ever do anything with honesty and integrity. With them, there is ALWAYS some spin to every story. That’s the thing that makes so many people angry with them. Jessica would have a much larger, loyal fan base if she would just be real and stop trying to justify every mistake or unpopular decision she makes. I detest dishonesty and most every former fan who has turned on her has done so because they too resent the lies. Those of you who continue to cling blindy to your fandom of her are clinging to a fraudulent, idealized version of her. She isn’t the perfect, misunderstood little princess that you want to believe her to be. Stop living vicariously through someone else’s fake life and start living and embracing your real one.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know when she signed an agreement with Weight Watchers? It’s been rumored since before she even gave birth, so what evidence do you have that “she knew she was pregnant very early in her agreement with Weight Watcher”…… AND….. what difference would that make?

  • She looks so cute, I am guessing she is around 5months.

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