Maggie Gyllenhaal: My Maternal Impulse To Be A Good Working Mom

Maggie Gyllenhaal graces the cover of the January 2013 issue of Woman & Home. In ther interview the mother of Ramona, 6, and Gloria, 8 months, talks about acting and womanhood.

On how motherhood has affected her acting choices: “I feel more comfortable with the idea of being seductive and powerful in the roles I want to play. I have a tremendous love for difficult material but those choices can be limiting and often you don’t get to work as much as you’d like to. After I had Ramona, I suddenly felt a maternal impulse to be a good working mom too.”

On how she perceives life now: “I feel like I’ve entered a new era in my life, and it’s very liberating. As you grow up, your life changes and so does the way you think. I’ve come to the point in my life where I’m doing things differently. I’m enjoying having a new perspective and steering my life in a different direction to what I’d previously had in mind.”

On womanhood: “I’ve grown into womanhood – I don’t feel a need to be different anymore. I don’t see myself as being limited to smaller, independent films. I chose a lot of those roles in the past because I was drawn to playing extreme or eccentric women, but you can also achieve a lot with very ordinary characters, and tat’s the beauty of what you can do as an actress.”

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  • cindy

    Unlike the 2 posts immediately above this one, it’s nice to see a feature on someone with a bit of class – not to mention talent.

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