Heidi Klum & Her Beach Brood

Model mom Heidi Klum and her boyfriend Martin Kirsten hit the beach with two of her kids – daughter Lou, 3, and son Johan, 6 – in Santa Monica, Calif. on Tuesday (January 1). The happy group flew a kite and played in the sand on the lazy afternoon.

Last weekend we spotted the Project Runway host and her bodyguard beau spending quality time with all of her children – including daughter Leni, 8, and son Henry, 7 – in sunny Los Angeles.

Did the kids see their father, musician Seal, at Christmas?

Klum and Seal, who split in January and filed for divorce in April, have reportedly been talking regularly and working on co-parenting.

Although he’s in the middle of a European tour, sources say Seal spent Christmas in L.A. to spend time with the kids.

“They’re trying to be co-parents and show up for their children,” a source said.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Nina D.

    Lou is so cute!

  • Bink

    Seal? Seal who?

  • Meliss

    Looooouuu! Every time I see her that’s what my mind shouts. Love seeing this little girl. Still bummed about Heidi and Seal. Does anyone else feel like a kid whose mom is dating someone new when they see Heidi with this guy? I’m sure he’s lovely but I loved this family together. Wish I knew what really happened.

    • Ebonita

      I say the same thing when I see her!! Next to Harold Perrineau’s baby, she’s my fave celeb baby.

  • Lili

    Looks like he gets along great with the kiddos, what Happened to their dad, turned out to be a deadbeat dad!!!

    • Anonymous

      How is Seal a deadbeat dad?

  • olivia

    i agree meliss, i think the same thing, like is he good for them, should she have waited, etc

  • Kasey1

    I wonder if the roles were reversed and it were Seal with the nanny? What if he only waited three months to go out with the nanny and does the way Heidi is doing with the bodyguard? I am just curious to know what people would say then. Well, I’ve made it known before, I don’t like Heidi. Her kids are adorable though.

    • Meliss

      You’re so right! People would have been outraged. Now I don’t feel so badly about being skeeved out by their relationship. Thanks! Hahaha I used to love Heidi but this has changed my opinion.

      • Kasey1

        I did too but in all honesty, every mom deserves to be happy after going through something like that. However, instead of moving on all of five minutes later, she should have considered her children first. And besides, her children need her attention through the new transition (the divorce) and not the new boyfriend. Who wasn’t getting the full attention they needed? Because new relationships like that require a lot of attention as well. I think Heidi is a very selfish (in my opinion of course) person. She should think about how this would affect her children, whether they knew him or not. Her past relationships tell a lot about the kind of person she is.

      • Emma

        She has come forward that Seal has major anger issues. She didn’t go into it a lot probably out of respect for him and their kids but I can imagine that it would be hard to be married to someone like that. I’m glad she got out and is happy. I do feel for the kids who have to move from house to house to stay with either parent but it looks like both Seal and Heidi have moved on and are okay with where things are.

  • Anonymous

    I just wonder IF she was boinking the bodyguard BEFORE her marriage disolved. Maybe that’s why the marriage ended. I remember wondering if she and the bodyguard where involved about a year or more ago. I thought is foolish of Seal to allow such a handsome man around his wife, who has a reputaion for relationship hopping. I’ve also worried about SJP’s very pretty nanny around her hubby. If I ever here of Matthew also fooling around with the help, I’ll have to start drinking.

    • Meliss

      I’ve always thought that you should be able to trust your mate around anyone, regardless of their looks. People stray for reasons that have nothing to do with how hot the nanny is. Meaning, if they’re going to stray it’s because of deficiencies in their relationship. I think nannies (or bodyguards) are the just chosen because of proximity or convenience. Hot people get cheated on too. 🙂

  • laura

    Lou is cute, but I really don’t like her mouth, it has a strange shape. All of the other kids are gorgeous!

  • sheyla

    It has come to obvious that Martin is Leni’s bio dad…They are twins…Flavio was no old fool!1 He knew that Leni wasn’t his kid. What struck me as odd was the fact that a paternity test was never given…If i was Seal I’d feel some kind of was as well I adopted this Bastard baby of the “Help” that was messing with Heidi all along. Now he has my kids and his Bio …SMH

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