Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy Will Be Broadcast On TV

As if there was any doubt, E! News confirms that every stage of Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy will be broadcast on reality TV.

“Kim and Kanye are an incredibly dynamic couple, and their baby news is just so exciting,” network president Suzanne Kolb tells The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. “Like so many Kardashian fans, we love it when this close-knit family gets even bigger. We look forward to sharing the joy as they prepare for more diapers, more bottle and without a doubt, more fabulous baby wear.”

Although she’s still technically married to Kris Humphries, the brunette beauty seems to have found her match in rapper Kanye West.

Just hours after Kanye spilled the beans at his concert Sunday night, Kim confirmed their pregnancy news Monday.

“It’s true!! Kanye and I are expecting a baby,” the mom-to-be confirmed.

She added: “We feel so blessed and lucky and wish that in addition to both of our families, his mom and my dad could be here to celebrate this special time with us. Looking forward to great new beginnings in 2013 and to starting a family. Happy New Year!!!”

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  • Marie

    No way, really?

  • Xxx

    Enough of this tramp already.

  • Cheritina

    AWFUL dress…

  • Rina

    Kim looks beautiful and I’m sure the baby will be adorable.

  • Pippa

    Oh no. On TV? She just really wants a baby. That’s why she did this. I am pretty sure it was not an accident (although I have no proof of that). You have been married twice now, Kim. Apparently you didn’t learn anything from your last relationship when you jumped into marriage after knowing the guy a few months and it failed miserably. If you haven’t learned the difference between LOVE and LUST by now, you never will. That said, I am sure this baby will be very loved and have a nice, albeit public, life.

  • Ano

    She doesn’t want a baby, she wants attention.

  • Daniella

    Can’t she retain some sense of privacy? I understand that some mothers like to share certain aspects of their pregnancy with the public, but at least have a little respect for the baby itself. I would have hated to have grown-up & seen tons of information & pictures about my mother’s pregnancy with me plastered all over the internet for complete strangers to look at. Exercise some discretion for the baby’s sake.

  • Em

    Yay! My life is now complete..

  • May

    No way! That is so surprising!

  • Anonymous

    Rina – why are you “sure” the baby will be adorable? Kanye is ugly and Kim with no makeup on is nothing to write home about either.

  • sierra

    I really can’t fathom a more hideous dress. Also, it makes me feel bad for Khloe cuz she will be the only one of the three oldest without a child and she seems like the one who wants one most! But seriously, I cannot imagine these two with a child. Kanye in particular seems conceited. Maybe it’s cuz he never smiles…

  • Nina D.

    Gee, who saw that coming?

  • Debsa

    It’s 2013 people, lets wake up and actually cover a ‘real’ celebrity pregnancy…

  • Nic

    REALLY??? wow this is so surprising. (Sarcasm)

  • Dodo

    Who really gives a Flying Bleep, only people are disgusting as these 2!!!! Barf!!!!

  • Kelly

    Cool! Film it, then after 72 days we can watch her give it up for adoption!

  • Kristina

    I’m sick of the Kardashians

  • A. Smyth

    Oh my goodness, a leaked sex tape isn’t enough for her?

  • Ruth Steiner

    No kidding the baby’s birth will be on T.V. The only doubt in my mind was how much money the fame-whore was going to settle for. Kanye will have no say in any of this.
    Kim is to much like Mama.

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