Rob Kardashian: “I’ll Be Married Before I Have A Baby”

Rob Kardashian says he’s “excited” to be an uncle again. He was at the CIROC Vodka New Year’s Eve event in Miami on Monday when he opened up on Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy news.

Rob, 25 said, “I’m so proud of my sisters, but I’ll be married before I have a baby.”

He was also referring to his sister Kourtney – who still hasn’t married Scott Disick. They are raising Mason, 3, and 6-month-old Penelope together.

Radaronline reports he didn’t seem too concerned about Kayne proposing to Kim.

“I think everyone is just excited about and focused on the baby right now. Kim and Kayne are over the moon happy.  I’m so excited to be an uncle again!”

Last month Rob launched his new sock line called Arthur George. The socks will be sold exclusively at Neiman Marcus stores. They retail for $30 each and with each pair purchased – one pair is donated to the Family Emergency Coalition.

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  1. Anonymous

    What is he so proud of? That Kourtney has 2 illegitimate kids or that Kim is knocked up by one guy while still married to another? Wow, morality sure has gone down to an all time low.

  2. Anonymous

    Somebody, anybody, make this family go away. White trash.

  3. anonymous

    What make him think he this will happen? Unless he plan on just having sex only after he is married. He’s is no better than his sisters.

  4. Someone

    His comment was quite a slap in the face which he quickly follows up with a “I’m proud of them” lol…kinda sounds like he doesn’t think very highly of them either.

  5. Anonymous

    Whis is this nobody’s comments in the news let alone on Celebrity Baby Scoop?

  6. Lizzie

    There was an episode oof their show where a girl said she was pregnant with Rob’s baby and the family told Kris about it at a basketball game. Then later the girl told Rob she lost the baby. This was all on their reality show. And it didn’t show them having sex but they show made it obvious they did it in the bath tub. He should probably shut up. Anything can happen. What if he does get a girl pregnant and they’re not married??

  7. Lizzie

    Scott wanted to marry Kourtney, fyi, she’s the one who doesn’t. And I don’t think Bruce is a loser. And it doesn’t matter if you think that Lamar is ugly…

  8. Denym

    Who cares if they’re married or not. Marriage is overrated anyway

  9. SMH

    Kourtney is smart she has money in her pocket & she’ll only have half of it if she ever divorces!

  10. Jen

    Why is it odd that he is proud of his sisters? Tons of siblings all over the world are proud of their siblings, even if they have kids out of wedlock, which apparently to some of you people is akin to being a serial killer? Give the guy a break already. He’s doing a GOOD thing by being responsible! Geez.

  11. Ruth

    Proud of his sisters? Of course he is, that way he can sponge off their money longer.
    Selling sox for $30/pr exclusively at one store? Sorry, I just don’t see that making him a lot of money.
    If he were to get paid enough, and momager would put him in the spotlight as much as Kim, I have no doubt he’d turn into somebody’s baby daddy real quick.

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