Tori Spelling’s Son: “Now That I’m 5, I Say…”

Kids say the darndest things! And Tori Spelling‘s 5-year-old son Liam is well-known for speaking his mind. In her latest blog on, the mom-of-four shares Liam’s latest milestone that made her laugh “for a good 5 minutes.”

“It’s hard to believe that my very first baby is already 5 years old,” Tori writes. “Each year he gets bigger, smarter, sweeter and funnier. And apparently, the transition from 4 to 5 was a big one for Mr. Liam…”

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum went on to share Liam’s latest silly statement.

“The other night, after a trip to the bathroom, he said to me, “Listen Mom… Now that I’m 5, I say ‘I go poo’.  4 year olds say ‘poo poo’… But I’m a big man now so I say ‘poo’!”

She adds: “I laughed for a good 5 minutes. Growing up means different things to different people, and apparently for Liam being a 5 year old dictates the way he describes his bowel movements!”

Liam has also weighed in on mom and dad’s sex life, his feelings toward the paparazzi, and his gastrointestinal issues.

Tori and Dean are also parents to daughters Stella, 4, Hattie, 1, and 4-month-old son Finn.

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  • arabella

    tori love over sharing what her children said

  • Sami

    I have to say as air headed as Tori sounds sometimes, she seems to be a fantastic mom. Always doting on her kids and they are always happy.

  • Mia

    Wow, he looks just like her. Poor boy.

    • Lola

      No matter how much you dislike Tori (not that I’m a fan), that is a truly despicable comment, he is 5 years old. You are a sick person.

  • Julia

    She even shared this????? dumb Tori.

  • Mary

    Liam is hilarious and love hearing what he thinks. He is a funny little man and absolutely adorable! Tori and Dean are wonderful parents and so happy she has been blessed with a beautiful sweet family.

  • Anon

    I get embarrassed seeing things I wrote or said as a kid. What’s it going to be like for him when he’s older and see those things were shared with the entire world. It’s probably going to be even worse when he’s a teenager. His friends would probably have fun though!

  • Kasey1

    I don’t want to be hateful but sometimes, Tori talks about the dumbest things. She should visit the site called “STFU Parents”. She does not need to share EVERYTHING her kids do. Yes, she seems like a great mom and Liam is cute, but she needs to chill out with the oversharing. Yes, I know, why did I click on the article just to criticize…I guess it’s because I’m jealous of her…..

  • Gee

    Funny kid.

  • Hope

    I think Liam looks a lot like his uncle Randy!

  • anonymous

    Her kids are not cute and Liam is a brat. SHe should focus more on raising kind respectful children rather than exploiting her children for money.

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