Katie Holmes & Her Shy Suri

Katie Holmes and Suri arrived at the Music Box theater in New York City on Wednesday (January 2). Wearing all pink except for brown boots – Suri covered her face while holding onto mom’s hand. However when she started crying a smiling Katie picked her up and carried her the rest of the way.

Suri spent her Christmas with Katie’s family in Ohio. She then reportedly spent time with Tom Cruise, Connor and Bella at their home in Colorado.

Katie’s last performance in Dead Accounts will be January 6.

According to the New York Times the show will have played 27 previews and 44 regular performances. Unfortunately the play received mixed-to-poor reviews and has struggled at the box office.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet/AKM-GSI/INFphoto.com


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  1. Shea

    Poor kid…I want to punch the dumb b*tch snapping pics in the background, have you no shame?

  2. Louisa

    Not just the paps: bystanders too.
    Breaks my heart to watch Suri like this. I can’t believe someone would be able to just take a photograph like that. How can you be that heartless or obsessed or indecent to do that??

    CBS: ‘Shy Suri’, really?
    The poor thing is scared out of her mind!

  3. AJ

    So not only are the paparazzi taking pictures of a crying kid, but CBS is buying them. I enjoy seeing pictures of celebrities and their families, but pictures like these make me really re-think coming here, where I know I’m just part of the problem.

  4. Anonymous

    WOW, Suri’s wearing P A N T S !!!! It’s about time. It gets really cold in NYC.

  5. anonymous

    Poor baby and Katie handle the situation gracefully, imho.

  6. Anonymous

    Seems a bit melodramatic. She has to be carried every time there are paparazzi?

  7. ashleyr

    I really thought this website had a policy against using these types of pics. It really feels like the overall tone of the site has changed recently. Not sure I’m comfortable with the direction it’s going…

  8. SMH

    These pics do make me sad. Suri is not chased by 1 or 2 paparazzi its a hound of them screaming her name. This child is not famous her parenrs are & l think when a child is clearly upset its time to leave her alone! Poor kid. I have seen videos of her & times she has said stop taking my picture. I really wish some celebs would move their children to quieter less populated places. I know they work but my child would come first. But l guess no mattee where the would go people would photograph them šŸ™

  9. Ali_Spain

    Katie is too nice, she’s even smiling! I would show them my middle finger. Poor kid šŸ™

  10. Soraya

    I think it is time for me to say goodbye to websites on celebrity kids. It is unfair to put an innocent child through this every single day just for us to satisfy our curiosity. She deserves to feel free and like a normal kid. She deserves to feel safe instead of being hunted all the time by scary old men with cameras.
    I will surely miss seeing her growing up, but we are only harming her by constantly looking at her pictures.

  11. Kristina

    Poor little girl šŸ™

  12. saddened

    I agree with all the comments above, surely this cannot be good for Suri, and it should be illegal for the paparazzi to hound her till she is that distressed. While i think Katie is doing a great job in trying to do “normal” things with her, she is still subjecting her child to this day in and out. As a mum of a 4yr old, i couldnt do this to my child over and over again, she is going to have some real psychological issues the poor kid. Its not like Katie needs to work, just get out of the limelight for a few yrs and let your child grow up and be a child.

  13. anon

    “Shy?” more like “scared shi+less” by having paps and strangers chasing after her with cameras and getting in her personal space. This would scare most adults let alone a child.

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