Amar’e Stoudemire & Wife Expecting Baby No. 4

Congratulations to New York Knicks forward Amar’e Stoudemire and his wife Alexis who are expecting their fourth child this spring. They couple just got married in NYC on December 12.

Amar’e, 30, told People, “We’re blessed that we were able to extend our family. We’re both huge on having a nice size family. It was something we’ve been talking about for a while. It happened naturally and at the right time so it all worked out.”

Alexis, 29, added, “It was just perfect timing.”

They already have three children together — Ar’e, 7, Amar’e Jr., 6, and Assata, 4. Alexis says the kids are “very, very excited” and “They just keep guessing if it’s a boy or a girl.“

Amar’e revealed more about their wedding.

“It was beautiful to have a private ceremony with close family and friends. I planned it; I wanted to have something that was more spiritual where we could really understand what being married means. It was a great way to end 2012.”

Adds Alexis, “We included the children in our ceremony as well. That was very important to us. It’s something they’ll always remember.”

She also tells the mag, “As soon as Amar’e walks into the door those kids are all over him. He’s like a big kid. He’s a great dad.”


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Ar’e and Amar’e ??

No child should have an apostrophe in their name …..sorry!


its not as bad as their sister name assata poor girl.


They’re all stupid made up names anyway, the way most black people do it.


Yes. Because O’Malley (Irish), and Te’o (Tongan), and D’Antoni (Italian), and L’Oreal (French) are wacky names that black people made up. Come on, guys. Let’s open our minds a little more and try not to be so ignorant and culturally insensitive. Maybe he’s going for an Afrocentric vibe. I don’t love the names but, whatevs. I named my daughter Vivienne and some lady at work said “YUCK! That’s an old lady name!” Can’t please everybody.


How is that relevant? L’Oréal is a brand, and in french, the L’ is just another form of Le or La, which means “The” and is used with a lot of words (all beginning with a vowel). I can assure you that if it was ever used in a name, people would be horrified. Apostrophes in names just look tacky and ridiculous, I agree with that.


Says the girl with the accent mark in her name. I’m quite aware of what the French use L’ to mean. Yes, L’Oreal is a brand. I was being facetious. My point is that many different cultures and languages use apostrophes, umlauts, and other accent marks in names. Because you don’t like it doesn’t make it ill advised or tacky or wrong. Just don’t name your kid D’Angelo.