Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner: Skating Smiles

The Garner-Afflecks are our “Favorite Celebrity Family,” and these sweet snapshots certainly prove why!

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner appeared downright blissful with their two daughters – Violet, 7, and Seraphina, who turns 4 on Sunday – at an ice skating rink in Santa Monica, Calif. on Friday (January 4). The cheerful crew enjoyed a skate and a snack with friends on the sunny afternoon.

The couple’s 10-month-old son Samuel napped this one out.

We love Jen, Ben and their brood!

In our 5th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards, Ben won for “Favorite Celebrity Dad,” Samuel was our second “Favorite New Baby” and we also loved his name. Jennifer place in second for our “Favorite Celebrity Mom,” Seraphina was one of our favorite preschoolers and Violet is our “Favorite Celebrity Kid.”

And not to mention, the famous family-of-five ranked as our top “Favorite Celebrity Family.” We can’t get enough of the Garflecks!

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Anonymous

    Violet and Seraphina have the nastiest looking teeth. Thank God theyre just baby teeth.

  • kelly

    Love them!beautiful happy family.

  • Louisa

    What a beautiful set of photographs!

  • Elizabeth

    Seraphina is such a daddy’s girl!

  • Lisa

    Elizabeth ^^ I was just thinking that about Violet! Actually there are sweet pictures of them loving up Jennifer too. Such love between all of them – little kids don’t fake it!

  • musiclover

    I just love this family! The kids always seem so happy, and Ben and Jennifer seem like such devoted parents 🙂

  • Kasey1

    Why do people always comment on these sweet girls’ teeth? They are not even the worst teeth I have seen. Jeeze, some people act like they’re meth teeth or something. Anyway, though I think they are photographed way too much, there is just too much cuteness with this family. I love them all together, I think every person in that family is adorable. I love the way they let their girls dress 🙂

    • Meliss

      Like and like!! Great parents and yummy babies.

      • Kasey1

        Thank you! I think they do seem like great parents as well. Kids don’t fake that kind of stuff. They always look like they may have eaten a cupcake made out of rainbows or they are in a permanent state of “holiday cheer”. It’s quite cute the way the girls always seem so happy and playful. Nice to see that hopefully Ben and Jen are probably bringing them up right in Hollyweird.

        • Meliss

          Haha That’s great. I need that cupcake recipe so my 8-month-old will have their perma-grin when she’s older. It’s good that they live in Brentwood. It’s more suburban and feels somewhat removed from BH and Hollywood even though it’s just next door.

  • Seraphina is their best looking child. She is adorable and looks the most like ben. Violet and Samuel look like mini- mes of their mother who isn’t an attractive woman. Money does not make you beautiful. The cutest kids in hollywood are nahla aubry, monroe and moroccan, flynn bloom, and knox jolie pitt.I’ m expecting to be thumb downed.

    • Elizabeth

      I wish I was not as attractive as Jennifer! 🙂

    • Elizabeth

      To me, the cutest kids are Flynn and Marcel, Marion Cotillard’s son. Both are precious!!

  • Joy

    Nahla is pretty cute and so is Heidi and Seal’s daughter, Lou (but both cuter when younger). Also cute is that ex-stripper/playmate and her ex-football player’s son. sorry, forgot all their names!

    • Nala

      so pretty much any child that is mixed is cute to you?

      • Joy

        i noticed that, too. hahaha
        no, but those three sure are!

  • Solene

    Adorable kids and parents! Ben genuinely dotes on his children, I hate it when people say he was longing for a boy, when he’s so obviously fond of his daughters!

  • Trish

    They have to be the cutest family ever! They are always smiling and having the best time. So cute!

  • Anne

    They have been photographed since before Christmas so they probably went away for the holidays and got a break from the paps, would explain why they are all so happy, It would be hard to be hounded all the time, very engaged and happy family with such genuine love.

    • sheryl

      Anne, that’s probably wishful thinking — going out of town does not mean “no more photos”. Witness all the pap shots of them in the recent past — in Paris, Boston, Louisiana, etc., etc., If there’s money to be made, the paps will follow them to the ends of the earth.

      No, the paps were just focusing on other celebs during the holidays or taking a break themselves. Or, they just got bored of waiting outside the Affleck house.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that they seem like a loving family but these kids are not cute at all. I agree with the first Anonymous – they have bad teeth, big ears…..where do you see “adorable”? Or is it becaus they are children of celebrities so they have to be cute?

  • Gena

    For the people picking on young childern. Discusting. I can see picking on adults, because they can fight back. But picking on childern and there looks is disgraceful. I’m sure all the ones picking on childern have Victoria Secret looks. Grow up!!!

  • cassey

    How is Violet wearing a coat with flip flops haha? I love that these kids look like regular kids: messy, colourful and, to a certain extent, nonsensical.

  • Nicole

    These two girls are nearly always dressed in horrible clothes and footwear. Its not hard to buy nice clothes that fit and match up somewhat and that are not expensive.

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