Gisele Bündchen: Children Teach Us What Life Is All About

Model mom Gisele Bündchen shared an intimate photo with her then-infant son Benjamin. “While we try to teach our children all about life, they teach us what life is all about,” the Brazilian beauty captioned the photo via Facebook Friday.

In another home birth, Gisele gave birth to her second child, daughter Vivian Lake, on December 5 with football star husband, Tom Brady.

“We feel so lucky to have been able to experience the miracle of birth once again and are forever grateful for the opportunity to be the parents of another little angel,” the supermodel shared.

Baby Vivian also joined big brother Jack, 5.

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Photo credit: Facebook

  • Heather

    Wow, that baby seems a few months old already!! Beautiful picture!

    • Nala


      • Emma

        Initially it said Vivian, however, they fixed it now to say Benjamin.

        • Nala

          No….look at the times the comments were posted. Nice try though……

          • Emma

            What the heck are you talking about? I saw that they had changed it and was trying to explain to you why Heather posted that. I see the times the comments are posted. So what? That doesn’t show anything. You are a nut!

  • Mariah

    That is Benjamin!!! This was his debut photo in American Vogue April 2010. Its not Vivian! (google gisele bundchen earth mother) Its from 2010.

  • Anonymous

    If you read the article, it says it’s a picture of her son Benjamin as an infant.

    • Mariah

      they fixed it. At first the headline said it was Vivian’s debut.

  • Anonymous

    Now SHE should teach her kids not to get into a relationship with men/women who are with somebody else. That’s exactly what she did. I’m sure she wouldn’t like it if it was done to her.

    • Mariah

      the ancient articles from 2006 are still around im sure… He was broke up with his ex for over 2 months. READ. Bridget didnt even announce her pregnancy to the new york post until after 3 months. He was already moved on for 2 months. Happens everyday!

  • Mariah

    again: READ. November 2006 rumors of Bridget and Tom having troubles. Actually all of Autumn 2006 there were rumors of trouble…Late November 2006/early December 2006 they announced their mutual split. Late December 2006/early January 2007 he and Gisele were rumored to be dating. January 26 2007 Gisele and Tom were confirmed to be dating. February 18 2007 Bridget announced her pregnancy to the new york post. AFTER Tom was CLEARLY moved on. perfect timing I’d say…

  • Anonymous

    Mariah – where are you pulling these dates from, your asshole? Unless you stalked them, you have no idea what the actual times and dates were. Grow up.

    • Mariah

      oh, um just ALL OVER the net from old articles from when it actually happened… People mag has all the dates. sorry you fail to do proper research before spewing inaccuracies. The dates dont lie. I think you need to get over it. There needs to be a Bridget fan block from stalking Gisele ALL over the net. Its getting old.

      • HF

        According to articles from that time Mariah is right & I even seem to remember Bridget commenting that they were over when she found out she was pregnant…if the actual source is saying that maybe it’s worth listening to Anon?

        BTW if you’re going to resort to name calling don’t hide behind anon. Wish this site made everyone have to use a proper sign in so there weren’t so many rude cowards.

        • Nala

          hey asshole, you can still make rude comments and call names if you type a real name….see? but i’m still anonymous because you don’t know who ‘nala’ is, right? moron.

          • HF

            Asshole huh? Delightful. Well if you we’re actually any sort of decent person perhaps you would assign your name or alias and always use the same one so that you actually stood behind what you said. No I don’t know who you are but with comments such as these why would I want to?

            Wish this site would moderate comments better or make people sign up properly if they want to comment. After this silliness I think I’ll just read the articles and ignore the comments…not on team Bridget or team Giselle anyway! Too much time wasted on ignorant (let me use YOUR word) assholes.

    • PamInPA

      And by that token, neither do you. Yet you still seem to be ripping Gisele apart for something you don’t even *know* she did.

      • LC

        I don’t understand this comment…perhaps I’m being a bit silly – overtired!

  • Mimi

    Holy cow, could we see a post about Gisele Bundchen without bringing Bridget Monahan again?? Whenever this relationship started, it´s not like they skinned and burned children alive. It´s not the end of the freaking world and definitely NOT the worst thing a person can do. Im not Gisele fan whatsoever and could care less for Tom Brady, but it´s seriously stupid and childish to keep bringing that issue as if she´s the most evil person in the world because of that.

    I wonder if you would like for anyone to keep bringing up yours flaws which surely you all have as permanent and current issues in your lives and refusing to move on.

  • Anonymous

    Mariah….you don’t have much of a life do you if all you do is research of when people break up. The next time the world comes around, hop on it.

    • Anie

      People who bash and trash others without knowing facts don´t have a life either.

    • Mariah

      I have read People magazine for many years and have a good memory and yes have followed Tom and Gisele for quite some time. I’m sorry all you can do is accuse someone for being crazy when they list FACTS and dates instead of reverting to child like name calling and inaccurate insinuations. Anyways I wont bore anyone with my life, as they are here for none other than a Gisele Bundchen article.

  • nosoupforyou

    Exactly. Tom was close enough to Bridgett to impregnate her and then on to the next.

  • Kasey1

    I don’t see why people hate on Gisele so much for the Bridget thing. Tom and Bridget were not married and did not have children at the time when he began dating Gisele (yes, Bridget was pregnant, but he was supposed to dump Gisele for his ex girlfriend whom he wasn’t in love with and had only been with for about 2 years, correct?) Right, anyway. Gisele is the one who has been with Tom for 6 years, married him, then had both of his children, and is good to his son, which many people would find hard to do I’m sure. Bridget has been the one to be snippy and make catty comments in the media, meanwhile Gisele has said one thing about Bridget. I don’t know why people still want to act like Gisele was some big homewrecker, LeAnn Rimes style. Geeze, whether you’re a fan or not, she was pretty classy through the whole thing. Bridget’s OK magazine cover in 2007 speaks volumes about her, though.

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