Penelope Disick a Trendsetter Already?

Kourtney and baby Penelope were spotted out in Miami and there’s no doubt that the gorgeous baby has the Kardashian eyelashes and the most adorable chunky cheeks! It also looks like Kourtney is already grooming Penelope to follow in her fashionable footsteps! Our friends over at Momfinds have the scoop on the stylish accessory that Penelope was seen wearing. It is sure to become a huge baby fashion trend! Check it out here.

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Photo credit: Momfinds

  • Anonymous

    Do you think this idiot ever looks at photos of herself holding this baby and wonders why they’re not even remotely the same color?

    • Francesca

      What in the world is your problem?

  • Jessica

    Her dad is white and took his coloring… Why would she wonder about that? Your comment is very strange and confusing.

    • laura

      Yeah, that comment does feel weird.. Not even racist, just stupid: it’s obvious that a newborn, with delicate skin, who’s never been under the sun, has a light pink skin.. In a couple of years she’ll be as dark as her brother..

  • maryf

    Sounds racist what you said Anonymous.

  • Ava

    This baby is not cute. Maybe in the future, but not now.

    • Anonymous

      So let’s get this straight:

      Someone mentions that the mother of this baby is a completely different color than her baby (because she covers herself in orange goo)…. and people go apeshit.

      Someone else (several people actually) calls this baby ugly and no one cares.

      What a bunch of morons.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      The question is: Why is Kourtney Kardashian so hung up on her skin color that she makes herself ORANGE???

  • Xxx

    Maybe she meant that Kourtney has such orangish skin from being under sun lamps all the time?

    • Anonymous

      That’s the way I took it. Kourtney is an unnatural color.

      • anonymous27

        Too much makeup for sure.

      • laura

        Well, if that was the meaning I guess that fake complexion is the kardashian signature style.. What could be trashier, more fake or of worse taste, they get it!

  • Anonymous

    People can post anything. Just another wacko. Ignore the nonsense comments.

  • ha ha

    What an unfortunate last name…whenever I see it, at first glance it looks like “D!cksick”.

    • anonymous27

      This is so funny! 🙂 I have been thinking the exact same thing!

  • Hope

    Aww 🙂 Penelope is so cute! And since she’s not even 1 yet her skin color is still developing but considering her dad is white, maybe she won’t have her mom’s skin coloring & that’s not a bad thing!

    • Anonymous

      She won’t have her mom’s skin coloring because her mom’s skin coloring comes from a bottle! She’s orange!

  • missme?

    c’mon now. really? cute? beautiful? uuugggggh! just sayin’…

  • SMH

    When l see her l cant get Madon out of my head…..she looks too much like a boy to me to be considrred a pretty little GIRL.

  • SMH


  • Stella Piercy

    That baby is ugly and not cute looking at all! It doesn’t look feminine, pretty, adorable or anything else associated with a cute girl baby! Forget about any publicity pictures of this kid, let’s just wait and see what the Kanian baby looks like!! Hopefully better looking than this one!

    • anonymous

      Just the word Kanian is already frightful enough! 🙂

  • mag

    penelope is like a copy of his brother

  • A. Smyth

    Let’s just face a simple fact: Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick do NOT make beautiful babies.

  • Gladys

    This baby girl is not cute at all! She looks like her brother and he kind of reminds me of a caveman. Good thing they have money they will need it for all the plastic surgeries.

  • Kaz

    This baby looks scary,very weird looking.Both kids look the same.I wonder what Kims baby will look like…lol

  • Laura

    Most adorable baby lovely funny her!!!!

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