Salma Hayek & Valentina: Gorgeous Girls

Here Comes The Boom star Salma Hayek was snapped returning to Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday (January 7) as she and her traveling tot Valentina, 5, made their way out of the Los Angeles International Airport.

The gorgeous mama recently opened up about motherhood and on her parenting style.

“I make an effort to be laid back and often I want to give her space, and then I catch myself doing things.” Salma reveals. “In Paris I had a birthday party with a piñata with kids, who were Mexican, they were boys and they were older. She was really concerned she wouldn’t be able to take a candy when the piñata broke. I said, ‘Don’t worry’. When the piñata broke, she couldn’t get in, I was pushing them, trying to get in. And then I caught myself and I thought, ‘I’ve turned into one of those mothers!’ I moved away. I think I’m a bit of both. I think we all are.”

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • v-girl

    The poor girl is quite homely and looks like dad 🙁

    • Kate

      and you have a cold black heart.

  • quest

    No offense maybe in future her daugher a nose job and lip fillers. The little look’s cute but her nose ruins her face.

  • missme?

    yeah, it’s quite tragic that she bred with Elmer Fudd!

    • Anonymous

      Tragic for her daughter’s looks but not for her bank account!

  • Xxx

    Gorgeous? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Gorgeous is kind of an exaggeration, don’t you think?

    • laura

      Yeah, for both of them. I think Valentina is really sweet, but certainly not the prettiest kid.

  • A. Smyth

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful – both mother and daughter!

  • SMH

    I think here she actually looks like a boy.

  • Veep

    Tsk, tsk … All the negativity on here towards this beautiful child (and similarly ethnic looking Honor Warren) – yet nothing but love on here for the super-pale, generic, bland-looking brood of Tori Spelling and Nicole Kidman. And in all pics of Nicole’s kids, they always look like they are sick – with red runny noses and watery eyes.

    • A. Smyth

      Oh, Nicole Kidman’s kids are terrible-looking. My favourite thing about celebrity children is that we get to see what the parents looked like pre-surgery.

  • Hope

    Why do people constantly talk about other people and their looks. There are more important things out there! Besides, it’s rude and it especially shouldn’t be said about a little kid. Just sayin!

  • Lulu

    Didn’t know all these commenters were super models. It’s pretty easy to judge (a child, for christ’s sake!) when the paps aren’t zooming in on your face, too.

  • Shannon

    Yeah, I bet half the people on here are the furthest thing from pretty. And really? calling a child ugly? I didn’t know Valentina had to look like a Victoria’s Secret model at such a young age. I hope one day your children get called ugly names for how they look. Yes, that is horrible of me to say, but maybe that will teach you that it isn’t right to talk about little kids this way.

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