Diddy Shares Photo Of His Smilin’ Pair

Sean Diddy Combs recently shared a photo of his twin daughter and her mom Kim Porter. He wrote: “There’s nothing like the bond between a mother and her child. Beautiful!”

Diddy brought the whole family – including his six children – to vacation in St. Barts. His eldest son Justin celebrated his 20th birthday on the island.

The music and fashion mogul also joined Beanie Man and others to perform in Kingston, Jamaica at the Limelight club the other night.

He Tweeted: “Live from Kingston Jamaica, it’s my first time here…Beanie Man showed up and turned up!!!”

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Anonymous

    Did this piece of $h!t bring all 4 baby mamas too?

    • PaminPA

      Why do you care so much that you’d spew such vileness?

    • gaby

      Did he sleep with you too?

    • Drama kweeen

      Jesus wept!..

  • Tula

    That’s a nice picture. Atleast the little girl isn’t throwing up gang signs like she was in the last one.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I noticed that too. Hopefully all of his girls will steer clear of men like their father. But, ….. at least he seems to be a VERY loving, supportive, involved and commited father. You gotta at least give him that.

    • LaKesha

      Gang signs? You’re kidding right? This child lives in a world of privilege that none os us will ever know, I doubt it includes gangs.

      • Anonymous

        LaKesha, I agree with you usually 9 times out of 10, but I to saw the photo of the girls throwing up gang signs. It was nauseating. Just like so many of the rappers who’ve made it to the very top, they more often than not, bring with them their thuggish mindset. The kids can’t help but but follow in their foot steps. Hope not though.

  • Doreatha


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