Bethenny Frankel Wants Primary Custody Of Bryn

Details from Bethenny Frankel’s divorce papers have been revealed. According to TMZ – Bethenny wants to continue living in their $5 million apartment and have primary physical custody of their 2-year-old daughter Bryn.

The Skinnygirl founder is also asking for child support as well as medical, dental, optical, therapeutic and orthodontic expenses for her and Bryn. Reportedly worth $25-55 million – she also asks for life insurance that makes both her and their child beneficiaries.

She wants the judge to enforce their prenup dated March 23, 2010 – five days before they got married.

A source tells the site: “This is a preliminary step to move the process forward.  She wants to work this out privately and amicably.  All Bethenny cares about is that it works out the best way possible for Bryn.”

Another source tells Radaronline: “Jason was blindsided by Bethenny’s request for primary custody of Bryn. The plan all along had been for them to have joint custody of the two year old. Jason believes that Bethenny has filed for primary custody so that if her talk show does shoot in Los Angeles, he won’t be allowed to object.”

On December 23 Bethenny announced she was separating from Jason Hoppy – her husband of two years.

On January 7 she Tweeted: “Very often we comment on things we know absolutely nothing about. It is human nature & it is a distraction from our own lives.”

A couple of days before that she wrote: “To those of you who are being supportive: thank you. To those of you who are judging: I totally get it.”

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  1. Tracey

    This woman is a NUT JOB. I hope her ex puts up a good fight and makes it difficult for her.

    • Grace

      No, I would never want primary custody. I would want the father of my child to be as involved as me… To experience as much, see as much, teach as much and learn as much by way of being an involved and dedicated parent. I would also want my child to have a childhood where both parents were equally involved in raising him/her with unconditional love! Of course I understand the desire to want to have control but in the end that would only benefit me and not my child or ex. This is all of course if my ex was a decent and good man!

  2. Veep

    She’s a train wreck. In this case, the father should get sole custody. He and his parents would give Bryn a nice, loving, normal life.

  3. Anonymous

    They won’t take a child and give her to the father unless they can prove she’s an unfit mother.

  4. popsykl

    i like bethenny…..not sure the hoppy should cover her bills though, just bryns

  5. mag

    when did that happen?? ok, i do not follow much gossip other than here. i just do not get howcome celebrities do not try.. 2 years and split?

  6. Anonymous

    She’s money hungry. I agree the father should pay child support but she’s out for blood. It really makes her look like a greedy shrew.

  7. mimi

    does he make more money than her?!? i have no idea what he does, so he very well might, i have no clue.

    IMO this seems crazy. she’s worth 25-50 millions dollars, yet she wants him to foot HER bills? she wants the pre-nup upheld, protecting HER assets, money, etc but she’s going after his like it’s a free for all. things for their daughter, should obviously be taken care of. it IS customary for a father to carry the medical insurance, etc. but for bethenny? really?

    • Lia

      She might be worth a billion dollars, it wouln’t matter . If the judge give her primary custody he will have to pay child support. Jason probably already has Bryn on his medical insurance anyway as Bethenny is not working right now, life insurance for Bryn is a given and medical insurance for Bethenny and life insurance will be out the door as soon as they start mediating. Any lawyer would put them in there just to have room for negotiating. Divorce and custody is not a walk in the park but the fact that she is rich doesn’t mean that her daughter is not entitled to support from his daughter.

      • mimi

        income does matter. i make quite a bit more than my child’s father. he pays no child support at all. the court said it wouldn’t be fair, and it wouldn’t be. i didn’t ask for a dime from him and my salary is nowhere near bethenny’s, obviously.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t know what court you went to, but you got screwed. I don’t care much money the mother and father make, EACH of them should contribute SOMETHING, and I’ve never heard of a court anywhere saying something like “it wouldn’t be fair”. That’s ridiculous

          • mimi

            i didn’t “get screwed”, i didn’t ask for any type of support. i make almost double the amount that my daughter’s father makes, it makes a lot more sense for him to provide her with a good home for when she’s with him. him giving me $200-$300 per month, isn’t really going to make a difference.

  8. A. Smyth

    She’s INSANE. Let’s hope the child goes to him.

  9. Kim

    I wouldn’t know who she was if not for CBS, so I don’t feel really qualified to judge her character or public persona. But the “life insurance that makes both her and their child beneficiaries” is creepy as hell. I mean the baby as beneficiary is one thing, but the ex-wife? That is a “Dateline” episode waiting to happen.

    • Lia

      I have not seen the proposal anywhere have you? all we have are the interpretations of one of the news rags, everybody else has reposted this but no oficial proposal has been leaked. Bethenny propably is asking to be included on the life insurance as guardian for Bryn so she can execute it in case something happens to Jason. I am sure that Bethenny will also provide life insurance for Bryn in case something happens to her, besides her will were she probably leaves all her money to her daughter as well.
      What I find fascinating is people who think they know what goes in her marriage and would suggest that because she is rich, she should take care of Bryn by herself, that is not what the law says.

  10. Kay

    I agree it sounds really unusual Bethanny’s requesting supporting, but I wonder if this has anything to do with a more than generous prenup arrangement that is giving Jason a lot of money? Even if it were 5% of her net worth, that would still make him a multi-millionaire for only 2 years of marriage. As for the life insurance for herself, does that have something to do with trying to ensure some control if she dies and Bryn is a minor and under her ex’s guardianship?

    I think it’s a bad idea for her to have primary custody unless Jason is a terrible father. Just because you don’t get along with your ex or his family doesn’t mean your child doesn’t deserve two loving parents.

    • 3dg4r

      I have read in other outlets that Jason requested to modify the prenup and got 5M as a lump sum in case of divorce, so there you have it, for two years of marriage five million dollars is not that bad, now people saying that he doesn’t have to pay anything because she is richer is just laughable.

      Kay, primary custody doesn’t mean that Jaosn never sees his daughter again, it means that for tax purposes, medical decisions, school choice and legal residence, one parent is consider the legal guardian, it doesn’t mean the other has no say. Jaosn will be part of Bryn’s life even if the judge gives Betyhenny the custody.
      If Jason is the one who gets the custody, do you think that Bethenny will never see her daughter again? of course she will, wild horses couldn’t keep her away from her daughter, exactly the same with Jason.
      She is requesting primary custody, Jason might require the same and the judge might end up giving them split custody after all is set and done.

  11. SMH

    You know what l dont get? You have all these deadbeat dads who dont give a damn about their kids and then when some do the women do everything to strip them of their rights. If these people wanted a sperm donor they should have just gone to a sperm bank. If they have done nothing wrong & love their oids they should be able to have them just as much. Why do this to your kids? They deserve a dad just as much as a mom. And with her income if she chooses sole custody she should be responsible for her daughter more.

  12. Shea

    I could understand if she wanted him to go halves in on the medical and everything. But, she seems really money hungry, I hope these accusations are false.

  13. Lou

    wow I cannot believe what she is asking for I mean to me she is the main earner I am not entirely sure what he does but surely she can afford a lot more than him, I mean yes he should help support his child but not her jesus most people could happily live of the interest she earns on money alone in a year and I don’t think she should get sole custody she seems very cold hearted and money grabbing to me

  14. Sandy

    I am so disheartened with Bethanny Frankel. I feel like she really used Hoppy. And the way she treated his family. Bethanny will never have any luck when it comes to a man, she couldn’t make it with Hoppy, she won’t make it with anyone. She is nothing but a phony in every way possible. She is cold hearted and a liar, who can’t even cook. She bluffed her way stealing recipes from other chefs, tweaking them so it looked like her creation. And she talks like a slob!!

  15. brazilian

    how can these people be so mean to the person they supposedly loved? this is one of the reasons i dont aim to be rich, cause most people who are got there by screwing a lot of people on the way… an this is just another evidence

  16. Debsa

    Jason, be happy you dodged a bullet, stay close to your daughter…

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